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NPCA Staff Picks: The Perfect Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

'Tis the season for gift giving! In the spirit of sharing the things we love — parks! — with the people we love, we asked NPCA staff members to share items they’d enjoy giving (or receiving) that feature NPCA’s partners. Additionally, our staff impart why their ideas make great gifts and how our partners support NPCA’s mission to protect parks. 

Represent the Parks They Love with HOMAGE Apparel

Alison, Communications Director

On the trail or on the town, HOMAGE’s National Parks Collection apparel makes an ideal gift for the person who likes to tout their newest national park visit wherever they go. Alison and her family love exploring national parks together and discussing the wildlife and landscapes they encounter. They also love that the brand, based in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio, supports NPCA’s work.

“I’ve gifted this to friends and family who share my love for our parks and challenge them to get out to see and experience more of them. And then celebrate those memories made, at the places they love, with the world’s most comfy T-shirt. Can you really have too many?” she said.

How does this support NPCA’s mission?

HOMAGE believes in the importance of protecting places of unparalleled natural wonder and historical significance, like the parks featured in their National Park Collection. That’s why 5% of the purchase price of every item from HOMAGE’s National Park Collection gives back to NPCA!**

Celebrate the Big Moments with Yellowstone Bourbon

Kyle, Mid-Atlantic Program Manager

[TRIGGER WARNING] Bourbon for gift guide

Kyle and his wife dig up a bottle of Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey on their wedding day. 

camera icon ©Virginia Ashley Photography

This year was an especially exciting one for Kyle — he and his wife got married! According to one Southern tradition, burying a bottle of bourbon a month before one’s wedding is supposed to ensure good weather for the couple’s wedding date and years of happy marriage.

Kyle and his then-fiancé buried a bottle of Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey this past July and dug it back up after their ceremony a month later.

“What I like most about Yellowstone Bourbon is its ode to one of our favorite places and favorite trips. I also love that it has committed to protecting parks, through contributions to NPCA,” Kyle said. “Yellowstone Bourbon is a great gift because it can easily be shared with friends and family in whatever outdoor setting you prefer. From camping and campfires to enjoying a sip at the end of a long hike, there is a Yellowstone Bourbon pour for every outdoor occasion.”

How does this support NPCA’s mission? 

Since 2018, Yellowstone Bourbon has donated nearly $500,000 to NPCA in support of our mission to protect national parks for all to enjoy. From sharing the stories of musicians and why park advocacy is important to them to stepping in to support Yellowstone National Park directly in the wake of the 2022 floods, Yellowstone Bourbon is committed to the preservation of our public lands. Learn more about our work together.

Keep Warm and Cozy with Conscious Step Socks

Lam, Senior Climate Communications Manager

Winter is peak cozy season, and what’s better than giving your animal-obsessed friend or family member a pair of socks with their favorite animal on them? Conscious Step’s socks, like the Socks that Protect Wolves pictured here, are made with fair trade and organic certified cotton and feature animals found in iconic national parks. “Socks are undeniably one of the best gifts one can give or receive because they’re a cozy reminder of someone’s thoughtfulness,” said Lam. In her experience, these socks can be used on the trail or cozied up with at home. “A plain sock sits in the drawer for years, but these are the ones you reach for time and time again,” she said.

How does this support NPCA’s mission?

Conscious Step has partnered with NPCA to protect parks and the wildlife that call them home. From May 15, 2023, to May 15, 2024, Conscious Step will donate $1 to NPCA for select pairs of socks from their “Socks that Protect National Parks” collection.**

Sip Sustainably with Wine from Pine Ridge Vineyards

Natalie, Interim Campaigns Director, Clean Air Program

[TRIGGER WARNING] Pine Ridge for gift guide

Wine from Pine Ridge Vineyards makes a great gift for friends.

A glass of wine can be a great way to relax at the end of the day — particularly after a long and beautiful hike! During a recent trip to Glacier National Park, Natalie and her husband enjoyed unwinding over a glass of wine to celebrate their time outdoors together and the miles they accomplished on the trail. Natalie also lives about 40 minutes from Pine Ridge Vineyards in Napa, California. She enjoys sharing gifts from the places she loves, and Pine Ridge is one of those spots.

In Natalie’s words, “I love gifting wine to my friends, particularly those who are also parents to small kids. Parenting is a journey every day, and settling in with a good glass of wine after the kids are asleep is one of my favorite things. Pine Ridge reflects so many of my values that it just makes sense to gift it to the people in my life who I love.”

How does this support NPCA’s mission?

Pine Ridge Vineyards shares NPCA’s commitment to sustainability, employing sustainable winemaking practices such as water and energy conservation programs at their vineyard. Pine Ridge also partners with NPCA to support our public lands and national parks.

Show Your NPCA Pride

Eboni, Southeast Region Associate Director & NPS Diversity Lead

Not sure what to give your favorite park advocate? NPCA’s store has plenty of options for national park lovers of all ages.

For the person in your life who likes to curl up with a good book or give their room a touch of national park style, check out “A Century of Impact,” a coffee table book that celebrates the first 100 years of NPCA’s history. Get a 25% discount when using promo code NPCA25.

“The book is a great page turner. I’m in awe of the pictures, stories and victories,” Eboni said.

NPCA book for gift guide

NPCA’s Book “A Century of Impact” makes a great gift for someone looking to bring the national parks into their space.

Looking for something for the littlest one on your shopping list? “NPCA’s shirt and onesie are such a cool way for me to dress up with my son! Let the park advocacy start early!” she said. We agree — just check out Nicholas in our park advocate onesie!

NPCA’s shop has plenty of great gifts to choose from.

“The items in the shop are a fun way to talk about the outdoors, advocacy and environmental stewardship,” Eboni said.

“They’re a great conversation starter and invitation to the great work NPCA is doing.”

Commemorate Friendship with Pura Vida Bracelets

Vanessa, Social Media Manager

Pura vida for gift guide

Vanessa said it best — this is like a friendship bracelet for people who love the outdoors!

Accessories from Pura Vida’s new Outdoorsy Gals collection are the perfect stocking stuffer that lets your friends keep parks top of mind wherever they may be. Vanessa finds that wearing her national park-themed bracelets keeps her connected to her love of nature and spending time with her community outdoors, whether she’s out exploring parks or at home in Washington, D.C. The bracelets are a constant reminder of her shared community — and an opportunity to make new connections!

Vanessa said it best: “Whenever I wear my accessories from this collection, I feel like I’m able to establish instant community with others who share my love for the outdoors. It’s like a friendship bracelet for the friends you haven’t met yet!”

How does this support NPCA’s mission?

Pura Vida supports a variety of nonprofits, allowing consumers to proudly wear products emblematic of the causes they champion. For each Outdoorsy Gals style sold, Pura Vida will donate 5% of the purchase price to NPCA to strengthen and protect our parks for future generations.**

Enjoy the Perfect Pairing with The Mill Keeper Wine

Sally, Los Angeles Outreach Manager

[TRIGGER] The Mill Keeper for gift guide

Enjoying sustainable wine over a chat about conservation is one of Sally’s favorite ways to connect with friends near and far.

A bottle of wine can be a versatile gift for friends near and far. Sally enjoys having wine nights via Zoom with one of her closest friends who shares her commitment to sustainability but lives across the state. Enjoying a glass together lets them connect and celebrate the people and places they hold dear.

According to Sally, “When I enjoy a glass of The Mill Keeper with friends and family via Zoom, in a beautiful park or while sharing stories around a campfire, it enhances the experience, allowing us to savor the moment and the environment together while also keeping true to our values of caring for the planet through something as simple as a great tasting wine!”

How does this support NPCA’s mission?

In addition to producing wine from an environmentally conscious winery, The Mill Keeper is committed to introducing the importance of park protection to new audiences and inspiring a new generation of environmental stewards. That’s why they’re partnering with NPCA to fight threats to our public lands and ensure our national parks are protected and preserved for present and future generations.

Keep Track of National Park Adventures with Wondery Outdoors’s Parks of the USA Bucket List Bottle

Samantha, West Virginia Program Manager

With Wondery’s Parks of the USA Bucket List Water Bottle (available in a variety colors, including a new limited-edition Sunrise artist collaboration), you can easily share the joy of journeying with the national park lovers on your list.

Sam loves adding the included stickers to her bottle for every new park she visits. Plus, the blank spaces keep her inspired to plan her next park trip! “Whether I’m on the trail or at the gym, I love looking at the stickers on my bottle to remind me of my favorite national park adventures,” she said.

She also noted that, “Wondery is BIPOC-owned and women-led, and I love that this bottle not only supports NPCA but, also their mission empowers women (like me!) in the outdoors.” It’s also a great gift for the friends on her list who tell her they just bought an annual national park pass or that their goal is to visit all the national parks.

“This is the perfect present for someone who has just started exploring national parks, as well as the seasoned parkgoer who is eager to show off all the parks they’ve been to,” she explained. I love giving gifts that my friends will use and enjoy and this bottle is exactly that.”

How does this support NPCA’s mission?

Wondery aims to empower women in the outdoors and support a diverse community of outdoor enthusiasts. They’ve invited NPCA to join special events and workshops, engaging participants in local campaign efforts to support our shared mission of ensuring our parks are protected for future generations. As part of this commitment, 3% of the purchase price of each Parks of the USA Bucket List Water Bottle sold is donated to NPCA!**

**View our cause marketing disclosures and more information on how NPCA benefits from the sale of partner products/services.

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