Policy Update Apr 29, 2021

Position on the nomination of Tommy Beaudreau as Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Interior

Ahead of an anticpated hearing to consider the nomination of Tommy Beaudreau, NPCA sent the following letter to Senators sitting on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. 

Our national parks are symbols of conservation, historic preservation and our shared heritage. They are world-renowned for their spectacular natural and cultural resources and require committed individuals to preserve these places with enthusiasm and a deep commitment to their long-term protection. We urge you to support the nomination of Tommy Beaudreau for deputy secretary of the Department of the Interior.

Tommy Beaudreau has demonstrated the ability to skillfully manage large and multi-faceted agencies while maintaining a commitment to preserving the higher purposes of parks and public lands for all Americans. He understands the multiple-use mandate of public lands, and that they benefit all Americans now and in future generations.

The President’s nomination of Beaudreau could not come at a more critical time for our nation’s shared natural and historic legacy. Climate change threatens to undo many of the significant conservation measures achieved during the last century. If confirmed as deputy secretary, Beaudreau must address climate change head-on and reverse the damaging policies of the previous administration that prioritized industry over crucial environmental protections and put at risk the water, air, and wildlife of our parks and communities.

Throughout his previous tenure as chief of staff at Interior, Beaudreau supported efforts to conserve more public lands that better tell the diverse stories of our country’s shared history and improve access for all through the designation of Pullman and Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monuments. He was likewise unwavering in his efforts to increase funding for park infrastructure and critical wildlife protection programs. Beaudreau is a committed conservationist and has a demonstrated ability to work in a bi-partisan manner – working effectively with both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Tommy Beaudreau’s experience and leadership have shown that he understands the threats facing our public lands, the need to diversify the federal workforce, and implement a vision that enhances diversity and inclusion at the department. We believe he will promote responsible stewardship of our parks and public lands. We urge you to support his nomination.