Policy Update Mar 2, 2021

NPCA position on the nomination of Janet McCabe for Deputy Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

NPCA sent the following letter of support to the United States Senate ahead of the hearing to consider the nomination of Janet McCabe for Deputy Administrator of the EPA. 

Our national parks are symbols of conservation, historic preservation and our shared heritage. Yet, in the last four years, we witnessed weakened protections for our parks’ air quality, cultural resources, wildlife, waterways and the list goes on. We can and must do better. The Biden-Harris administration must address climate change head-on, ensure the federal government – and the park system – is welcoming to diverse communities, and reverse damaging policies that put at risk the water, air, wildlife and other resources that make our parks world-renowned.

Janet McCabe has extensive experience, expertise and a deep background on environmental policy issues of great importance to NPCA and our national parks, particularly regarding clean air and climate change at the intersections of environmental justice. As the former acting assistant administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation and the former air director at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, McCabe is well versed in the inner operations of the EPA and has years of experience working with state and national government officials on critical environmental and public health issues. McCabe has direct experience and knowledge of the Regional Haze program, which specifically protects national parks and wilderness areas from air pollution and will bring important and necessary leadership to this program in 2021 and beyond. Critically, confirming McCabe will ensure this key position is held by a decision maker with a pragmatic approach and pervasive understanding of public health and environmental laws to usher along a just transition to clean energy.

The full story of America cannot be contained in a textbook or housed within a museum. Our more than 400 national parks, preserves, historic sites, seashores and more that comprise the National Park System help to tell the story of the United States and its people. It is America’s legacy to future generations and to the world. But this story is still incomplete, and its chapters often face revision at the hands of environmental and human threats – threats that can be partially thwarted by strong leadership at the EPA.

We look forward to working with Janet McCabe to ensure the best future for our national parks, protect disproportionately harmed communities, and prioritize clean air and water and a healthy climate.