Press Release Aug 24, 2020

Disastrous Pebble Mine Project Paused

The Environmental Protection Agency must now veto the Pebble Mine to protect salmon, national parks and the world’s densest population of brown bears. 

WASHINGTON – Bringing longstanding questions and concerns to light, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is demanding environmental mitigation measures for the proposed Pebble Mine near Alaska’s Bristol Bay and Lake Clark and Katmai national parks.

Statement by Jim Adams, Alaska Director for the National Parks Conservation Association

“We’re glad to see the Army Corps has finally caught up to what the science has said all along – if allowed to move forward, Pebble Mine threatens irreparable damage to the world’s largest sockeye salmon run. However, the only solution to protect the salmon, national parks and the world’s densest population of brown bears is for the Environmental Protection Agency to veto the Pebble Mine. The agency is well-equipped to make that decision, based on years of its own science outlining the many disastrous threats that the mine poses to clean water and other precious natural resources in the area.”

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