Press Release Jul 22, 2020

Badger-Two Medicine Protection Act to Safeguard Wild Nature, Tribal Lands Near Glacier National Park

The Badger-Two Medicine Protection Act preserves both the natural heritage and the cultural significance of the area, which is home to many of the Blackfeet Nation’s origin stories

BROWNING, MT – Today, Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont) introduced the Badger-Two Medicine Protection Act.

The Badger-Two Medicine is a 130,000-acre wildland region in northwest Montana, adjacent to Glacier National Park’s southern border. The lands are managed by the U.S. Forest Service, and provide seasonal habitat for some of Glacier’s most iconic wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, wolverines and bald eagles. The Badger-Two Medicine also is home to many of the Blackfeet Nation’s origin stories and is considered sacred by the tribe.

The Badger-Two Medicine Protection Act preserves both the natural heritage and the cultural significance of the area and was developed in partnership between conservation and tribal interests, as well as ranchers, landowners, hunters, anglers and other concerned Montanans

Safeguarding the Badger-Two Medicine protects a crucial missing piece in the 18-million-acre Crown of the Continent ecosystem, which encompasses Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and multiple wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains. The landscape already is designated a Traditional Cultural District and is off-limits to motorized uses. Previous legislation, passed in 2006, prohibits any future federal leasing for mining and drilling in the Badger-Two Medicine.

Statement by Michael Jamison, Crown of the Continent Senior Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association

“Senator Tester’s legislation takes a thoughtful and respectful approach to conservation, by providing recreational opportunities and protections for wild nature while also supporting Montana’s outdoor heritage and the Blackfeet Nation’s sovereignty, treaty rights and traditional practices.

“The legislation is an important step toward clearing the cloud of uncertainty that has long hung over the Badger-Two Medicine. For decades, the National Parks Conservation Association has supported efforts by the Blackfeet Nation, conservationists, and people from across Montana and beyond to defend this spectacular landscape.

“Senator Tester’s legislation not only protects our wild heritage but also gives voice to those who, throughout too much of our nation’s modern history, have not been heard. We hope the rest of the Montana delegation and Congress will join with Mr. Tester and the Blackfeet Nation to permanently protect the Badger-Two Medicine’s wildlands and wildlife, and to honor forever the Blackfeet Nation’s last cultural refuge.”

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