Blog Post Nov 27, 2019

A Year of Victories We Can All Be Proud Of

2019 was NPCA's centennial year, and we are grateful for the thousands of advocates who stood with us throughout the year to win major park victories and care for the places we love.

Throughout 2019, park advocates have stepped up to make NPCA’s centennial an incredible year for our national parks.

Some of our major victories include

NPCA’s advocates took action on a range of issues throughout the year, sending more than 300,000 emails, tweets, calls, and comments to decision-makers on wildlife protection, air and water quality, responsible park funding, and many other critical issues.

NPCA also hosted or participated in nearly 300 events, engaging with more than 34,000 people at more than 50 national park sites around the country. Participants took more than 6,100 actions on the ground to defend parks, including meeting with members of Congress and filling out postcards supporting park advocacy efforts.

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Some of these events were recreational outings — from paddling trips and trivia nights to hikes, campouts and bike rides — that gave more than 1,900 people one-of-a-kind experiences in national parks. NPCA also led, assisted with or coordinated 39 service events, in which we painted buildings, built trails, picked up trash, removed invasive species, planted trees and made fencing more wildlife-friendly. More than 1,300 people donated a total of 6,000 hours of service to protecting and improving parks during these events.

We at NPCA are incredibly grateful for the many ways our advocates have stood up for our parks — and we look forward to the privilege of working together to defend them for another 100 years.