Air pollution harms national park visitors’ health, clouds scenic views and alters our climate. And the solutions needed to resolve these problems are largely the same – we must clean up polluting fossil fuel facilities, industries, and vehicles. With your voice, we can make a difference and achieve cleaner air and a healthier climate.

The air pollution affecting national parks — and the rest of the country — results from the burning of fossil fuels by power plants, oil and gas development, vehicles, agriculture, industrial emissions, and other sources. NPCA (National Parks Conservation Association) works to make sure our nation’s air laws are strong and well implemented to protect our national parks. Through our advocacy, we prioritize the threats to people, particularly those harmed first and worst as we seek to hold polluters and our government agencies accountable to those laws. And we work with you, our supporters, and our park advocates to bring your personal stories to light concerning the harm to our parks, climate, and communities from pollution.

Strengthening Laws & Regulations

The Clean Air Act – which has helped improve air quality throughout the nation and the National Park System – protects our communities and environment from dirty air pollution. It also has special provisions designed to restore clear, healthy air to our national parks. Yet the need for strengthening our laws and regulations to address pollution that continues to harm people and our parks with ozone, smog, haze, and climate change is very real — some laws on the books are not strong enough while others are not being well implemented. NPCA staff work hard every day to advocate for stronger requirements for polluting industries and vehicles, and to secure better standards to achieve clean air and a healthy climate.

Putting People First, Holding Polluters Accountable

Imagine healthy communities and park skies free of pollution. While this sadly is not the case today, NPCA strives to make sure that polluters are held accountable for their park polluting emissions that often harm people of color and low-income communities first and worst. This pollution not only diminishes views and muddies the air, but it also harms people’s lungs. NPCA fights to stop these environmental injustices — seeking to restore clean air to our parks and thwart greater harm from our rapidly changing climate. One of the ways we do this is by working secure strong state and federal requirements to limit haze-causing and climate-altering pollution, and by defending sound rules — in court, if necessary.

Engaging Park Advocates

People like you are the heartbeat of our work. Without your personal stories about why you value clean air and how you have experienced climate change in the parks you love, and in your community, we would not have the personal connection to why this work matters so much. Maybe your sister has asthma, or your dad has bronchitis; maybe you must make sure you take your inhaler hiking. Or you are anxious about whether your grandchild will get to see the last glaciers or coral reefs…

Do you live near a polluting coal plant that refuses to clean up its dirty emissions? Is there flaring of methane gas in the county next to you? Can you see the mountains nearby and snap a stunning photo when you go hiking or more often than you wish hazy, muddy skies? Whatever your story or personal connection to the importance of clean air and a healthy climate, your voice is critical to ensuring our efforts are successful. Sign up today to receive our alerts and act on clean air and climate issues!

What’s Next

We’ve made great progress improving air quality around the country, but much more needs to be done. Join us in the fight for clean, clear air.

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