Jamaica Bay is a place where millions of New Yorkers go to have fun and explore nature. It is the largest unit of the National Park Service in New York City, consisting of 18,000 acres.

The National Parks Conservation Association successfully helped create Gateway National Recreation Area’s general management plan, a visionary plan for balancing public recreation with resource protection and restoration. Today, NPCA is building allies in the communities around Jamaica Bay so we can all help Gateway become a better place and make the plan a reality.

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Jamaica Bay Advocates

Tell us why you love Jamaica Bay and meet national park advocates from across the country.

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Building the next generation of Jamaica Bay Advocates

NPCA’s Northeast Office is building a network of people who recreate, volunteer and train together at Jamaica Bay to seek better funding and provide equal access to Jamaica Bay, Gateway National Recreation Area (NRA).

Join national park advocates in Brooklyn and Queens and stand up for what you love most about Jamaica Bay.

Discover wildlife in Jamaica Bay

Jamaica Bay is critical habitat for many species of wildlife, including the federally endangered Red Knot, federally threatened Piping Plover and state endangered Peregrine Falcon and Bald Eagle. On your next park trip, use NPCA’s mobile-friendly interactive story map to explore the park and learn more about native wildlife. The map highlights kayak launches, hiking trails and popular beach destinations that are free and open to the public.

Equal access to Jamaica Bay


Transportation and Access Improvements for the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area

Learn about what NPCA is doing to increase access to Jamaica Bay by boat, bus and bike.

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Even though Gateway NRA is one of the most visited national parks in the country, New Yorkers have very few public transportation options to get to the park. Gateway’s Jamaica Bay unit, located in South Brooklyn and Queens, is surrounded by millions of residents whom are starving for open space outdoor recreation and dependent on New York City’s public transit network to get around.

NPCA is working with Jamaica Bay Advocates, supporting organizations, city, state and federal agencies to develop and increase access to Jamaica Bay for all. We are working together to expand water-borne access, and city bus and bicycle connections to Jamaica Bay.


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