Congress has voted to send up to $1 billion to America's national parks -- and you made it happen.

This is a historic moment for our national parks and communities, which are facing an enormous climate crisis. Today, our country showed we are ready to meet the challenge.

With a robust climate investment, Congress will ensure our national parks have the resources and staff they need to safeguard our most treasured places from rising sea levels, severe fires and floods, and extreme drought. National parks will get:

  • $500 million to hire new park staff
  • $250 million for conservation and habitat restoration
  • $250 million for the protection and resiliency of historic buildings and artifacts

And by boosting renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating sustainable jobs, this bill will ensure our parks and communities can thrive for generations to come. It has already passed the Senate – all that’s left is for President Biden to sign it into law.

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