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Often called the “best idea we ever had”, our national parks include some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth as well as places significant to our shared history and culture. They connect us to these iconic places and create a legacy of preservation for the benefit of ours and future generations.

With more than 17 million people, the Los Angeles Metropolitan area is the second most populated area in the country; yet has less open space than all other large metropolitan areas on the west coast. The Rim of the Valley proposal, which would provide an expansion to Santa Monica National Recreation Area, represents an opportunity to include some of the last wild lands and historic sites in the greater Los Angeles area.

The proposal can help:

Preserve critical habitat for many unique and threatened species, ranging from mountain lions to the California red-legged frog;

  1. Protect historic sites that will allow the National Park Service to tell the story of Los Angeles’s nationally significant history;
  2. Create new partnerships with local governments and schools to connect youth with the outdoors;
  3. Expand outdoor recreation opportunities for over 17 million area residents;
  4. Provide opportunities for the National Park Service to engage new and underserved urban audiences and connect more communities to their national park sites
  5. The Rim of the Valley area is truly worthy of national park status as an extension of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

National parks are tremendous economic generators contributing more than $10 billion annually to local economies and supporting more than a quarter million jobs. In 2013, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area generated over $26 million for local communities and supported 332 jobs. These benefits are likely to increase with the expansion, continuing to support local jobs and building a recreational tourism economy for nearby communities.

My organization supports expanding the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area through the Rim of the Valley proposal.

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