Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area encompasses more than two dozen natural, historic and cultural sites in and around the city of San Francisco.

Experience the isolation of Alcatraz, America’s first “supermax” prison. Stroll beneath the towering trees in Muir Woods. Walk on the beach at the Marin Headlands. Tour half a dozen operational and shuttered military facilities, including the still-active NIKE Missile Site. Hike miles of trails, and enjoy unforgettable ocean views. Scan the horizon from the 150-year-old Point Bonita Lighthouse.

More than 200 years of history are waiting to be explored in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Whether you’re interested in American Indian culture, the expansion of the Spanish Empire, the California Gold Rush or the evolving presence of the U.S. military in the Bay Area, you’ll find plenty to see and do.









April 23, 2015

I was born in San Francisco, and lived in the bay area for 59 years, before moving to Oregon 13 years ago. I know that I took a lot of the wondrous beauty of San Francisco and surrounding area for granted but fortunately before I left, I was able to appreciate a lot of it. I have a head full of great memories of living there. A fantastic life of people friends, and family. Lived on a boat in Sausalito for 4 years, and a total of 30 years in Marin. Not many places on the planet that match the area!!

John R

November 10, 2011

This year we finally made the trip to "The Rock" after several years of procrastination during prior visits to San Francisco. What an amazing story and experience. Access was effectively unlimited and the National Park personnel were helpful, informative and gracious in all respects. Well worth making the time (about two hours) to see this legendary location. Also we undertake a customary "morning run" across the majestic Golden Gate bridge - not to be missed if you've got the courage, it's a haul. However, this year we came up to the bridge through the Persidio and found another great reason to explore more of the National Park system and Golden Gate Recreation Area. We found the Walt Disney Family Museum, but lacked the time. Surely, it will be on our list of things to do the next trip. Keep up the great work and thank you to all the staff and administration of the Pacific Regional Office for all your efforts in maintaining these components of the National Park system and specifically for the fine work in preserving the Golden Gate Recreation Area.


November 10, 2011

The 4 masted sailing ship was fantastic. When you expplore the interior and find three or four floors---all as spacious as can be, you can exclaim in something very old and wonder how it must of been for the sailors. There are no wires, or lights, or engines or ANY thing else except space for cargo. The crews bunks built into the rear bulkhead, all with sides on the bunks so the crew wouldn't fall out of bed. The Captains quarters, for he and his family, done in Gold Gilt and red velvet and modern plumping for the bathroom, and maps of all the voyages the ship had taken, and how did they survive in Alaska? The ship is called the Balcatha---can you dig it?

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