Gateway National Recreation Area

Touch the warm bricks of a Civil War-era fort; watch scores of migrating hawks soar overhead on their way to Central America; examine a rare, delicate orchid; help volunteers restore vintage aircraft; or build a sandcastle, enjoy a picnic with family, and surf along a sandy beach. All of these opportunities—and more—are possible at Gateway National Recreation Area, in the shadow of Manhattan.

Created in 1972, Gateway is located in the outer New York-New Jersey Harbor, protecting more than 26,000 acres of land, and offering an array of recreational, cultural, and natural experiences. More than 330 species of birds and 71 species of butterflies live within the park or stopover at Gateway during their arduous seasonal migrations along the Atlantic coast. Gateway's buildings, landscapes, and archaeological sites offer great samples of America's coastal defenses from the Revolutionary War through the Cold War.

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New Video Showcases Youth Who Love Gateway

Interns in the Your Park! Your Health! program at Gateway National Recreation Area, from the new video by National Park Experience.Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an intern at Gateway National Recreational Area? This urban oasis covers more than 26,000 acres of beachfront, salt marshes, grasslands, forest, and wildlife habitat—much of it just outside New York City. Having so much green space so close to one of the largest cities […]

Got Milkweed? Crowdfunding Creates a Butterfly Effect for National Parks

monarchButterflyLate last month, 30 middle-school students in Queens, New York, planted 200 new milkweed plants at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to provide habitat for one of America’s best-known insects, the monarch butterfly. Almost as remarkable as the improvements a few dozen students could make in just one day was how they got there in […]

The Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy

On July 4, 2013, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell cut the ribbon with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, and Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis to reopen Liberty Island for the first time since Hurricane Sandy. NPS photo by Steven Sinski.Exactly one year ago today, Superstorm Sandy made landfall in the New York metropolitan area, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The National Parks of New York Harbor, including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governors Island, and Gateway National Recreation Area, felt the brunt of Sandy’s wrath, with Gateway alone sustaining $180 million […]


Gateway National Recreation Area is captured in a quagmire of unrealized potential. Read more about efforts to improve Gateway > >








April 9, 2013

Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook is my favorite place to go all summer. I love the freedom it allows me. The ocean, view of NYC, and the people. Clothing optional of course is the greatest part. I've been going there since 1994. Thought it might not open this year. Sooooooo happy it will.

Jennifer Errick, Editor at NPCA

October 26, 2012

Barbara, thanks for working so passionately to protect Gateway National Recreation Area. NPCA looks forward to discussing this topic further with the Park Service and the local community to ensure the best decisions are put in place to protect Gateway for the future.

Barbara Pearson

October 16, 2012

How come no mention of your support for H.R. 2606 which "authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to allow the construction and operation of natural gas pipeline facilities in the Gateway National Recreation Area."


May 19, 2012

Gateway NRA is my close-to-home beach refuge. I don't really care to go to any other beaches on the Jersey shore, because Gateway is so natural and somewhat undeveloped. It has a big Holly forest, paved trail for hiking/biking, a cool fort at the end of it, and good beaches. There's a marine bio lab there too but I haven't been to that yet.


November 10, 2011

I live near Cheesequake Park. It's a wonderful place and I go frequently. I almost prefer it in the off-season as it's more quiet. I do wish fishing had a more restricted area around the lake though. I wanted to get some pictures of egrets but people were fishing at every decent place I could get a good shot.

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