Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park, located just a few miles from the city of Miami in south Florida's Miami-Dade County, is home to the longest stretch of mangrove forest remaining on Florida's east coast, at least 16 threatened or endangered wildlife species, and part of the only living tropical coral reef system in the continental United States.

The park is located along the southeastern margin of the Florida peninsula and encompasses much of Biscayne Bay, making it one of the largest marine parks in the National Park System. Biscayne National Park protects part of the third-largest coral reef system in the world and the longest stretch of mangrove forest remaining on Florida's east coast, providing habitat and nursery grounds for most of the region's important commercial and recreational fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. Many visitors travel to Biscayne to dive, snorkel, canoe, kayak, windsurf, or fish, further underscoring the importance of conserving the park's resources. The park also harbors many endangered species, including the West Indian manatee, American crocodile, and Schaus swallowtail butterfly.

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VICTORY: What You Helped Protect at Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park.Earlier today, park officials at Biscayne made an announcement that NPCA has been waiting more than 15 years to hear: The park will establish a new marine reserve to help protect its fragile, one-of-a-kind underwater resources. This important step represents the work of numerous environmental groups, scientists, fishermen, and concerned citizens—including more than 20,000 NPCA […]

New Quilt Exhibit at Biscayne Uses Art to Explore the Impacts of Climate Change

A detail from the quilt "Wings" by Melani K. Brewer. Photo courtesy of the National Park Service.What do you expect to see when you visit Biscayne National Park in South Florida? Spectacular blue waters, of course. Dolphins, coral reefs, shipwrecks, mangrove trees, shorebirds … maybe even a manatee if you’re lucky. But quilts? You might not think this marine wonderland is the place to experience creative textiles addressing one of the biggest […]

A Little-Known Piece of History Reclaimed

Lancelot Jones with his sea sponges.Many Americans will recognize this coming Monday, October 13, as a holiday honoring Christopher Columbus. Thanks to NPCA supporters, the citizens of Florida will also take this day to recognize an unsung hero who made one of our national parks possible: Lancelot Jones. Few people know the amazing story of Lancelot Jones and his role […]


Biscayne National Park, which encompasses two-thirds of Biscayne Bay, faces issues that arise because of its proximity to the burgeoning population of Miami-Dade County. Boats running aground on coral reefs or in seagrass beds can severely damage these ecosystems. Protected manatees and sea turtles, which are often near the surface, are also at risk of being hit by boats. Boaters need to be educated to be aware of their surroundings at all times and use extreme caution in shallow areas to avoid damaging underwater resources and wildlife.








April 11, 2015

This is my national park project, and it is the coolest ever and I think that you people should go to it and look at Do please


February 2, 2015

Me and the family visited the park last year and it was phenomenal, we took a snorkel boat out of Key Biscayne called Miami Ocean Rafting and they took us to an amazing snorkeling spot full of sea life and crystal clear turquoise waters. We visited a sunken ship wreck with lots of living coral reef and full of colors. We then had a picnic at Boca Chita Island where we were able to get up to the top of the lighthouse with breathtaking views of the keys and reefs near by Totally recommend this trip you can visit their site at :


April 23, 2014

I am doing a report on this fantastic animal palace!!!!


April 22, 2014

i love this park its so pretty

ramon reyes

March 11, 2014

savannah is beautiful!!!<3

cee cee

February 3, 2014

This park is lovely and a great park to do a report on

Kaykay kayak

January 6, 2013

Sounds like a great place to snorkel and kayak! I hope we can save this place!


November 29, 2012

omg this is PRETTY!!!!!!!!

big flirt

November 26, 2012

I love it!! I would love to go there. The scene is so pretty and calm looking. lol :)

Kee Kee

October 30, 2012

I like it. I am doing a report on it


September 7, 2012

sweet and very pretty park. im also doing this park!!!!!!!!!!! i really like this park

girly girl

June 4, 2012

i am studying on this national park and it is pretty and my animal in this national park is a cotton mouse.....this is a fun project but its tough!!

HMS Girl

March 28, 2012

Im writing a report on this park and others this one is very pretty and interesing!!!:D


March 6, 2012

i am writing a report about this national park. I think it is a wounderful, fantastic,and really good national park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 22, 2012



November 10, 2011

i really like going to biscayne it is soo pretty! ill go there again for sure!


November 10, 2011

This place is beautiful, and you can see lots of different fish in the seagrass off-shore.

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