10 Scenic National Park Drives

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Photo © Dfikar/Dreamstime

As the fall weather turns colder, going for a drive can be a fun, comfortable way to see the countryside—and these ten park roads picked by NPCA staff offer plenty of opportunities to get out and explore along the way.

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Building (on) Bridges

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Photo © Ed Stierli/NPCA

Planners in downtown Washington, D.C., are designing a unique urban park that will connect residents on either side of the Anacostia River by transforming an old road bridge into an innovative green space.

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A Double Threat to an American Icon

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Photo © IlexImage/iStockphoto

Developers in Arizona have proposed two very bad ideas that could irreversibly impact the Grand Canyon. NPCA takes these two threats very seriously, but it’s too soon for public action—yet. Here’s why.

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Creating America's 402nd National Park

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Photo by Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives

Could Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood become America’s 402nd national park site? Show your support and find out how you can help make history.

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8 Perfect Parks for a Holiday Adventure

3. Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming
Yellowstone’s geysers and thermal springs create magical winter scenery that is snowy ... and steamy. Most of the park roads are closed to cars in winter, making way for travel by skis and snowcoaches in the less-crowded off-season. Enjoy a ranger-led tour on snowshoes, or attend an educational program to learn more about the park’s remarkable wildlife and geology. Private concessioners also offer special packages for guided winter tours, including cross-country skiing and wildlife-watching trips. Visitors can even go ice skating at the Mammoth Hot Springs outdoor rink for a fun holiday outing in one of the country’s most spectacular settings.

Photo © Kwiktor/Dreamstime.Try something new with your holiday routine—by checking out some old and cherished traditions from around the country. These fun celebrations offer great incentives to get out and enjoy the season in a national park. Note: Modest fees apply for many of these events. Each month, NPCA puts together a slideshow exploring our National Park […]

Plan a Desert Getaway to Glen Canyon

A butte on Lake Powell at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.This story is part of NPCA’s biweekly Desert Getaway series. Read more stories in the series for tips on visiting other desert parks. Water may be rare in the desert, but it is also one of the most powerful forces affecting the landscape—sculpting natural bridges, shaping arches, and carving canyons. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area […]

Trivia Challenge: The Snowiest Place on Earth

The snowiest place on earth.Q: One U.S. national park boasts that it contains “the snowiest place on Earth where snow is regularly recorded.” This picturesque spot even saw a whopping 93.5 feet of the white stuff one record-setting winter. Can you name this winter wonderland of a national park?   A: I know what you’re thinking: This wintry place […]




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