Small Wonders

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National parks encompass vast wilderness areas and grand landscapes, yet so many of America’s greatest treasures come in much smaller packages. These 12 teeniest national park sites measure less than one acre each, though they share enormous stories of struggle, leadership, tragedy, and creative spirit.

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Clearing the Air

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National parks should have clean air, but do they? NPCA’s latest report, Polluted Parks, found that every one of the 48 national parks with the greatest Clean Air Act protections are plagued by air pollution and climate change impacts. Fortunately, the Obama administration has the power to strengthen park air protections—and you can help.

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Parks After Dark: 9 Ideas for Nighttime Fun

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Summer nights may be short, but national parks often host extra activities to educate and entertain visitors during this popular tourist season, including more fun things to do after dark. Whether you’re exploring on your own or hanging out with a ranger, try a few of these excuses to stay out late in special places.

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Protect the James River from Ill-Sited Power Lines

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© Scott Neville for the Washington Post

The James River in Virginia is virtually unchanged since Captain John Smith explored its waters 400 years ago. Yet a local power company wants to build a new transmission line with 17 gigantic towers through this culturally rich waterway. Please urge developers to explore other locations for this project, which could destroy a seminal part of American history.

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9 Spooky National Park Sites

Skull Rock at Joshua Tree National Park in California.As the days get shorter, the nights get spookier—at least during the month of October. If you’re looking for a few mysterious places to explore before telling ghost stories by the campfire, these quaint and curious settings offer tricks and treats for an eerie autumn mood. Click the photos for more information on each park. […]

8 Reasons to Stop Playing Politics with National Parks

Park Service officials erect barricades in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the first day of the government shutdown in 2013.Remember not so long ago when Congress shut down the federal government because it failed to reach a funding agreement? Two years ago, a standoff between lawmakers lasted 16 days and had far-reaching consequences for people across the country. Another Government Shutdown? Ask your members of Congress to keep the federal government open and to fully […]

Fight Fire with Funding—and More Fire

A worker sets a prescribed burn near Saguaro National Park in Arizona.Record heat and drought have made 2015 one of the worst years for wildfires in recent memory. Firefighters have already contained more than 47,000 individual wildfires over nearly 9 million acres so far this year, with 19 large fires still raging across six western U.S. states. In California alone, about 700,000 acres have burned—that’s roughly […]




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