Say No to Soda Mountain Solar

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Photo © Michael Gordon

Last month, the Interior Department made a disappointing decision that would allow a private company to build Soda Mountain Solar, an industrial-scale solar energy plant, within spitting distance of Mojave National Preserve—a development that could harm native wildlife. The fight isn't over, however. A former Mojave superintendent shares her memories and opposition to the industrial energy plant.

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Room to Roam

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Photo © Jonathan Eden/iStockphoto

NPCA's new report and infographic on Yellowstone's famous bison outlines a brighter future for these iconic animals. Learn more and urge Interior Secretary Jewell to write a better future for these animals.

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Urge the President to Create a National Park Legacy

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Photo © Cara Capp/NPCA

President Obama has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to protect and restore our national parks for their centennial in 2016—but time is running short to address the key issues parks face. Please send a message asking the president to make parks a cornerstone of his legacy.

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Join Us and Speak Up For Parks!

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We've just kicked off our Find Your Voice initiative to help people advocate for our national parks. Each of us can make a difference—and together we can create a brighter future for our most cherished places.

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My “Microadventure” on Frederick Douglass’s Front Lawn—and How You Can Join Me

Yoga enthusiasts enjoy a "microadventure" at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. Photo © Annie Riker.June 16th was one of those days that I really, really needed yoga. Like many Washingtonians, I had scheduled way too many meetings and deadlines. The hot and humid weather added another layer of exhaustion. Mentally and physically drained, my tired brain did its best to talk me out of going to class. But, I had […]

Water You Waiting For? 10 Perfect Parks for Paddling

Biscayne National ParkGo beyond the hiking trail and enjoy parks from a refreshing vantage point: water. Rivers and lakes offer adventurous routes through some of the country’s most remarkable landscapes, including views you just can’t see from land. From lazy float trips to exhilarating whitewater, national parks have fun options for visitors of every experience level—sometimes even […]

Mojave Is a Magical Place. Let’s Protect My Former Home

The Soda Mountains of Mojave National Preserve. Photo © Michael Gordon.It’s a wondrous thing to have a million and a half acres of spectacular natural habitat right in your back yard. I know because for ten years, I woke to the vast beauty of the California desert each morning and had a unique role in both protecting and helping the public enjoy it: I was deputy […]




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