Alaska Yacht—Bears, Bergs & Bushwhacking

If you are looking for a small ship journey that takes you to some of the best bear and iceberg areas in the Inside Passage of Alaska look no further than this trip also featuring Tlingit culture and a private tour of a native village.

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Why Travel with NPCA & UnCruise

With our shared commitment to protecting fragile ecosystems and local communities, our partnership with UnCruise Adventures offers you unforgettable travel opportunities to Alaska, Olympic, Hawaii and beyond.

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Get a glimpse into Southeast Alaska the UnCruise way.

UnCruise Adventures specializes in small ships, BIG adventures (90 travelers or less).

2019 Departure Dates:

  • August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


  • Four designated Wilderness Areas and National Monuments
  • One-night pre-cruise hotel stay and excursion
  • LeConte Glacier—ice gardens or glacial icefield
  • Tlingit culture and private tour of Kake native village
  • Admiralty Island bear tour and viewing by skiff and hike
  • Whale watching in Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait
  • Wildlife and birding by kayak, paddle board, and skiff
  • Backcountry exploration in wilderness areas offering exclusive access to small groups no larger than 12

DAY 1: Petersburg: Velkomen! Petersburg, nicknamed “Little Norway”, has its fair share of charm. Check in. Drop your bags. Then head into town. This hardworking fishing harbor bustles with action—trollers, seiners, longliners, crabbers. Beachwalk and bird watch. The views are pretty good too with the Coast Mountains and Devil’s Thumb looming from across the bay. Rest easy tonight, you have a big adventure tomorrow. Overnight at Tides Inn (or similar). (D)

DAY 2: Petersburg – Embarkation: The day is yours for the taking. Choose between flightseeing over snow-capped coastal mountains to a glacial icefield or a fishing charter in calm waters. Take in this quaint and authentic Alaskan community’s charms on a walking tour of the Petersburg docks led by a local resident. Whatever the day brings, enjoy it! Make the scene with the locals, you’re on your own for lunch. Late afternoon, you’ll get a warm welcome aboard the Safari Quest. Settle in with champagne for an evening sail into whale-loving Frederick Sound. (BD)

DAY 3: Kake / Keku Islands: At the northwest end of Kupreanof Island, dancing, legends, and totems tell the Tlingit story. Tribal members share Kake’s history—settle in, it goes back thousands of years. Ambling along, black bears. Eyes peeled on the woods and the shore. And look up now and again for bald eagles. Across the water, the Keku Islands dot Keku Strait. Slide into a kayak or skiff and glide along the fingerling islets and passageways. Make for shore on a tidal zone stroll turning up sea life clinging to rocks. Back on board, you’re greeted with a Viking handshake and a belly-warming cocktail. (BLD)

DAY 4: Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area/South Baranof Wilderness Area: Into the wild you go, on the western shore of Kuiu Island. Just shy of 67,000 acres of islands, islets, and forest sits in the Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area. And at South Baranof, it’s 2,500 foot granite fjord walls and rushing waterfalls. Wilderness with a capital W! Both primed for exploration. Rubber boots at the ready—muskeg, woods, and tide pools set the stage for guided hikes. Kayaks and skiffs bring on the search for seaweed, kelp, harbor seals, sea stars, and jellies. Or try your hand at paddle boarding. Balance not quite so steady? The crew has a dry towel and hot toddy ready if you take a “polar plunge” by choice or by accident. (BLD)

DAY 5: Admiralty Island National Monument: Cruising through Frederick Sound, pass by The Brothers Islands—sea lion haul outs, sea birds, and humpback whales on all sides. Search and stop for it all. At Admiralty Island National Monument kayak, skiff, and weave in and out of the bays and inlets keeping your eyes out for Alaskan brown bears and nesting bald eagles. Tlingit call the island Kootznoowoo, meaning “Fortress of the Bear” and Admiralty Island has a higher density of bald eagles than all the other states combined. After another big day, pop up to the bridge to look over charts with your captain and mates. (BLD)

DAY 6: Endicott Arm / Dawes Glacier A skiff up Endicott Arm rushes through turquoise water dotted with bergy bits. The driver pauses for seals lazing on ice bergs—the most inquisitive ones periscoping out the water, watching you with their big, black eyes. “Oohs” and awe all around. It’s true. You really do pause for wildlife and a “taste” of the area. Your guide plunges her net in the water pulling out a hunk of glacial ice to touch and taste if you’re feeling adventurous. Zipping further up the Arm, pass deep, U-shaped valleys carved by glaciers before spotting the main attraction: Dawes Glacier—its icy blue magnificence more moving than you imagined. (BLD)

DAY 7: Scenery Cove: When you come this far, you might as well go all in. This is the way back backcountry of Alaska’s wilderness. In this playground, it’s all an option day. Kayak and skiff in water almost clear as glass—the mirror image of fjord walls playing on the surface reflecting your week of adventure. Take it all in. A seal pup could pop up at any moment to “break the ice.” Trekkers get even closer to the mountains. Hike alongside the fjord walls as Cascade Creek falls in a rush beside and beyond your footsteps. Immersed in this hidden wilderness, recreation has never felt more remote yet in the middle of it all. (BLD)

DAY 8: Stikine-LeConte Wilderness Area: Alaska wilderness delivers! Flowing a little slower than your typical river, you find a river of ice and the southern-most tidewater glacier—LeConte. It’s a grand finale of a day. Tides and currents decide your LeConte Bay adventures. Drop anchor in Ideal Cove and hike along the Three Lakes trail. High tide? Pass bergy-riding seal pups as you motor through the glacier’s ice gardens. Low tide? Walk among icebergs caught in the glacial outwash field. Cap off your week with a celebratory Farewell Dinner and slideshow. (BLD)

DAY 9: Petersburg – Disembarkation: Truth, all good things must end. After one last breakfast with new friends, transfer to the airport for your flight home, or to your UnCruise hotel stay or land tour. (B)

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