Fact Sheet Mar 30, 2022

NPCA & Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ Partner to Protect Bears

NPCA and Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ are teaming up to advocate for the protection of bear populations in their home state of North Carolina and across the country.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the shores of Lake Clark in Alaska, Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ supports NPCA’s conservation efforts to ensure bears are protected where their habitats are threatened and, in places where their numbers have declined, restore their populations. Through collaboration with local, state, Tribal and federal agencies, NPCA advocates for safe passage programs and against development that threatens prime bear habitats.

WHAT does Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ’s donation support?

Thanks to Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ’s donation, NPCA’s Southeast Regional Office has secured funding for the purchase of cameras and wildlife renderings. Cameras placed along I-40 in North Carolina and Tennessee allow NPCA to observe the behavior of animals close to the highway, providing insight into bear movement near Asheville. The donation also funds the development of wildlife overpass renderings – these renderings depict structures that allow bears to pass over highways to avoid collisions with traffic. These renderings help decision makers better understand the function of wildlife crossings and the significant role they play in protecting wildlife.

“NPCA’s collaborative work to improve black bears’ ability to safely cross interstate highways in the Southern Appalachian Mountains would not be impossible without wildlife cameras. We are grateful for Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ’s generous donation as it allows us to purchase state-of-the-art cameras that push data to us as it is gathered, freeing up staff time and allowing us to monitor our cameras practically in real-time,” says Jeff Hunter, NPCA Southeast Regional Senior Program Manager.

WHY is this cause important?

Every 26 seconds or less

a driver hits an animal in the United States, making highways one of the greatest barriers to wildlife movement and, in turn, a threat to animal populations like black bear.

Wildlife mortality rates are rapidly rising – highways are one of the greatest barriers to wildlife movement. Collisions between wildlife and drivers occur every 26 seconds or less in the US and cause millions of large animal deaths as well as over 200 human fatalities yearly. Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ’s donation supports efforts to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions through the installation of wildlife crossings, resulting in safer conditions for humans and bears alike. Wildlife crossings are proven to help reduce motorist collisions involving wildlife by 97%!

HOW is Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ supporting NPCA?

Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ has committed to educating the community about the importance of protecting bears in urban areas like Asheville and the public lands around it. They also support the work NPCA does to protect bears across the nation in places like Katmai National Park, Lake Clark National Park and North Cascades National Park. From February 10, 2022 to January 31, 2023, when customers purchase a “Bear Attack” menu item from any of their locations in Connecticut and North Carolina, Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ donates $.50 to NPCA. Bear’s Smokehouse LLC’s overall minimum guaranteed donation to NPCA is $25,000.

WHAT can you do to take action?

Help protect bears and other wildlife in our national parks by learning about issues that threaten their habitats and using your voice to advocate on their behalf. Making an impact only takes a few minutes – click on the links below to support measures that ensure bears and their habitats are protected.

  • Protect Brown Bears in Katmai & Lake Clark National Parks & Preserve from Destructive Mining
    The proposed Pebble Mine would industrialize the Bristol Bay watershed, including Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks & Preserves. Mining this watershed would directly impact the world-famous brown bears in these parks as well as other wildlife. Click here to take action now.

  • Protect Bears in Gates of the Arctic National Preserve from Mining Road
    An industrial access mining road known as Ambler Road would cut through Gates of the Arctic National Preserve, threatening the habitat of brown bears as well as the migration pathway of Western Arctic caribou. Click here to take action now.

  • Protect Grizzly Bears & Other Threatened & Endangered Wildlife
    In order to protect vulnerable national park wildlife – like the grizzly bears in Glacier National Park – it’s essential that Congress opposes changes to the Endangered Species Act. Click here to take action now.

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