Report Dec 1, 2016

Midwest Regional Office Field Reports

NPCA's Midwest Regional Office produces a newsletter twice a year. These field reports provide timely updates and perspectives on issues of interest in the more than 50 diverse national park sites throughout the region.

In the summer 2017 Midwest Region Field Report we highlight:

  • Restoring America’s parks, where the challenges of a $11 billion repair backlog affects the safety of our parks.
  • The view from an EPA Obama-appointee on how the investments in the Great Lakes pays off.
  • A park of compromise: focusing on Indiana Dunes and the toxic spill into a nearby Lake Michigan tributary.
  • Unlocking a new experience on the Mississippi, where NPCA is leading the efforts to envision the future for the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.
  • A Sound Investment: focusing on Great Lakes restoration in the parks.
  • Unplugging for Advocacy, where our own Chris Goepfert takes some time to visit and experience one of our regional parks.