Blog Post Megan Cantrell Aug 9, 2013

Best of the ’Net: The Midsummer Night’s Dream Edition

This week on Best of the ’Net, I found a little bit of everything—from bears to hacks to stars—for a midsummer glimpse at our national parks online.

  1. August is my favorite time to watch the night sky, thanks to the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. Enjoy this photo taken by Jack Fusco at Acadia National Park during last year’s shower. This Sunday night should be the peak viewing time. It’s not too late to find a dark place to look skyward this weekend—and some national parks like Great Basin, Joshua Tree, and Carlsbad Caverns even have special meteor-watching programs this weekend, so be sure to check with the parks closest to you!
  2. Explore this fun list of 23 Simple and Essential Hiking Hacks that will inspire how and what you pack for your next trek on the trails.
  3. Photographer QT Luong has been photographing spectacular images of national parks for years. Now, he captures the wonder of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in this breathtaking timelapse video:
  4.’s bear cam captured this event of a mama bear protecting her three cubs when they were swept over Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park.

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