Blog Post Scott Kirkwood Feb 21, 2013

Last Chance to Submit Your Photo for NPCA's Advocacy Video

NPCA works around the country on a number of issues that affect national parks like clean air and water, funding for the Park Service budget, and the health of park wildlife. What so many of us love about the these special places, however, goes beyond tangible issues: We treasure the solitude, beauty, history, and inspiration from our millions of collective moments spent in America’s best places. NPCA is putting together an advocacy video this spring to try to help capture some of the life-changing memories we make in the parks that go beyond mere issues and words, and we’re looking to share your pictures to help capture what is truly at stake when these places are threatened. Today is the last day we’ll be accepting submissions. If you have a favorite picture that you want us to consider, just email it to us at or upload it to our website. In the meantime, here are just a few of the most notable images we’ve received in the last two weeks. Thanks to everyone who shared these moments with us… and keep ‘em coming!

Kelly Whitt

Kyra Rice

Joe Josephson

Tony Prato

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