Chaco Culture National Historical Park preserves five Chacoan "great houses" where people from various clans congregated to trade goods, share ideas and celebrate events a thousand years ago. This area is special, sacred.

And thanks to the hard work of local leaders, Pueblos, park supporters and communities across the nation, Chaco could be better protected from harm!

A new announcement from Interior Secretary Deb Haaland could pave the way for a 10-mile buffer zone around the park, preventing oil and gas drilling from encroaching on a landscape that’s intimately connected to the park. Not only that, the landscape itself is home to thousands of cultural sites that help tell the stories of Chaco. This protection is long overdue – and couldn’t happen without the ongoing support of park supporters.

Add your name now and make sure that Secretary Haaland knows you support protecting Chaco from oil and gas drilling!

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