Fighting back to protect our national parks and monuments in America’s courts.

After President Trump took office, the administration and Congress began advancing policies that would prevent the creation of new parks and monuments, reverse protections for park air, water, and wildlife, and open our park landscapes to unrestrained industrial energy development.

A vast array of threats crystallized in October 2017 when federal agencies released roadmaps for dismantling policies that safeguarded clean air, water, wildlife and parklands, all of which the Trump administration viewed as burdens in the way of American “energy dominance.”1 More than a decade of environmental progress was threatened with this reversal.

Anticipating that our current litigation docket would grow by at least 50 percent, NPCA established the National Parks Legal Defense Fund to enhance our capacity to defend America’s national parks and monuments. The fund continues to support our growing legal case work, but just as importantly helps ensure we are fully prepared to confront threats in Congress, administrative proceedings, state and local governments, and the court of public opinion going forward. Early engagement in all of these forums is essential if we hope to win when an issue lands in court and to sustain victories against reversal by policymakers.

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1. Source: Remarks by President Trump at the Unleashing American Energy Event,

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