Mother-Daughter Conservation Inspiration



Stewardship of national parks is a family affair for Ruth and Sarah Flournoy. Both are Trustees for the Parks and actively engaged in the NPCA Texas Regional Office’s work to preserve the best of the Lone Star State. Ruth’s involvement, starting as a volunteer and now serving on NPCA’s Texas Regional Council, predates her daughter’s. As Executive Director of the Nature Discovery Center in Houston, her daughter Sarah knew she wanted to be involved with NPCA in order to reach conservation and education goals on an even larger scale. In fact, Sarah says she got involved because of her mother.

“I tell everyone that Mom is my conservation inspiration. Her love of nature and sense of responsibility for protecting it are in my genes. The times we’ve spent together in national parks are the most cherished moments of our lives.”

Their parks adventures include hiking through Big Bend National Park, part of a week-before-Thanksgiving family tradition, and exploring natural treasures across Texas. As a native Texan, Sarah says “I was fortunate to grow up being able to walk in the woods and experience the great outdoors. Most kids don’t have that sort of opportunity today, which is a shame and something that needs to change.”

Like her mother, Sarah is a nature lover who believes all people benefit from the joy and satisfaction of spending time in the outdoors. She also helps bring that joy to more people by making leadership contributions to NPCA—once again, “just like Mom.”

In addition, Sarah has joined Ruth on our Texas Regional Council. They are both helping build community support for the Lone Star National Recreation Area and excited about the many benefits—flood control, recreational opportunities, and economic impact included—of a new National Park System unit to Gulf Coast residents. Ruth and Sarah hope to be among the first to visit Lone Star as an officially designated, and protected, part of the National Park System.

All of us at NPCA salute this mother-daughter conservation duo. And we take inspiration from their shared commitment to America’s national parks.

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