National Parks Second Century Action Coalition

National Parks 2nd Century Action Coalition Supportive Organizations To Date

  • American Hiking Society
  • American Horse Council
  • American Recreation Coalition
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  • Arizona Natural History Association
  • Association of Partners for Public Lands
  • City Parks Alliance
  • Coalition of National Park Service Retirees
  • Colorado National Monument Association
  • Destination Marketing Association International
  • Discover Your Northwest
  • Eastern National
  • Friends of Acadia
  • Friends of Big Bend National Park
  • Friends of Dyke Marsh
  • Friends of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park
  • Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau
  • Friends of Saguaro National Park
  • Friends of the Smokies
  • The Friends of Valley Forge Park
  • Friends of Virgin Islands National Park
  • Grand Canyon Associations
  • Grand Teton Association
  • Harpers Ferry Historical Association
  • Japanese American Citizens League
  • Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters
  • Mississippi River Fund
  • Mesa Verde Museum Association
  • Montana Conservation Corps
  • Mount Rushmore Society
  • National Forest Recreation Association
  • National Park Hospitality Association
  • National Parks Conservation Association
  • National Parks Promotion Council
  • National Tour Association
  • NatureBridge
  • Nevada Outdoor School
  • Northwest Youth Corps
  • Outdoor Industry Association
  • Public Lands Service Coalition
  • Rocky Mountain Nature Association
  • Southeast Tourism Society
  • Southwest Conservation Corps
  • Student Conservation Association
  • St. Croix River Association
  • The Corps Network
  • The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation
  • Travel Oregon
  • Trust for America's Health
  • U.S. Travel Association
  • Utah Conservation Corps
  • Voyageurs National Park Association
  • Western National Parks Association
  • Western States Tourism Policy Council
  • Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts
  • Yellowstone Association
  • Yosemite Conservancy
  • Zion Natural History Association

The National Parks Second Century Action Coalition is a national coalition dedicated to promoting the protection, restoration, and operation of the National Park System to benefit the health and well-being of current and future generations.  The coalition will take actions that help the National Park Service achieve conservation goals, foster visitor enjoyment, engage youth, promote tourism, preserve cultural heritage, support educational and recreation opportunities, and foster diversity through federal, fee, and philanthropic funding and other measures.

Download the list of coalition members (PDF).

Members of the Coalition speak to the significance of the National Park Service’s upcoming historic 2016 Centennial and the importance of a federal investment:

“America’s national parks are home to some of the most beautiful, iconic, and natural playgrounds in the world, helping generate $646 billion in consumer spending and supporting more than six million jobs annually. With the national parks’ 100th anniversary in 2016, a federal investment in their future will provide greater access and recreational opportunities -- whether you climb, hike, paddle, love history, or simply enjoy the amazing views.”

Kirk Bailey, Vice President, Government Affairs for Outdoor Industry Association,

Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the leading trade association and voice of the outdoor recreation industry, serving more than 4,000 manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, sales representatives and retailers in the active outdoor lifestyle. With offices Boulder, Colo., and Washington, D.C., OIA is the title sponsor of Outdoor Retailer and the trade voice representing a $646 billion industry. OIA supports the growth and success of the outdoor industry through its focus on government affairs, sustainability, outdoor consumer insights, industry trends and youth participation.

“America's national parks are a living, perpetual testament to the private citizens who helped create them through philanthropy, advocacy and volunteerism. For over 90 years, not-for-profit organizations have grown up at the local level to support these treasured places, recognizing that the government has always needed help to provide a margin of excellence to their preservation and visitor experience. With a strong federal commitment to funding the National Park Service, the Association of Partners for Public Lands and nonprofit park partners across the nation are ready, willing and able to leverage and extend every federal dollar through their donors, retail customers, volunteers, educational resources, gateway communities and business partners. Together, nonprofit park partners will continue to help the NPS achieve its mission to protect America’s national parks for the enjoyment of present and future generations.”

Dan Puskar, Executive Director, Association of Partners for Public Lands, 301-946-9475 ext. 221,

The Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL) is a not-for-profit organization working to enhance the potential of its members, who are dedicated to public understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of America’s natural and cultural heritage. Through education, information, and representation, APPL promotes the vitality of its members and their programs of service and support to the agencies who oversee this nation’s public lands.

“Now is the time for President Obama to invest in our national parks to ensure the preservation of our shared history long into the parks’ next hundred years. Current funding is insufficient to keep up with infrastructure needs to address the nearly $12 billion deferred maintenance backlog which impacts the Park Service’s ability to tell our American story. The Japanese American, Asian Pacific American and civil rights communities look to the Administration for leadership to ensure that the infrastructure necessary to effectively support the challenges facing our communities are met and exceeded.” 

Priscilla Ouchida, National Executive Director, Japanese American Citizens League, 202-223-1240,

The Japanese American Citizens League is a national organization whose ongoing mission is to secure and maintain the civil rights of Japanese Americans and all others who are victimized by injustice and bigotry. The leaders and members of the JACL also work to promote cultural, educational and social values and preserve the heritage and legacy of the Japanese American community.

“From Ellis Island and Chaco Cultural National Historical Park to the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument and so many other places, national parks tell the stories of all Americans. Investments in national parks are essential to protect our historic and cultural resources, especially as we approach the Centennial anniversary of our National Parks.”

Tom Cassidy, Vice-President of Government Relations, National Trust for Historic Preservation, 202-588-6078,

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded nonprofit organization, works to save America’s historic places. We are the cause that inspires Americans to save the places where history happened. The cause that connects us to our diverse pasts, weaving a multi-cultural nation together. The cause that transforms communities from places where we live into places that we love. As the leading voice for preservation, we are the cause for people saving places.

“Recognizing the national parks as irreplaceable treasures as well as critical habitats for protecting native plant communities and whole ecosystems, The Garden Club of America calls on President Obama to offer a visionary plan that includes a commitment in funding to make conservation the system’s top priority, and to invest in our national parks by providing a robust budget proposal that will leave a lasting legacy for the next hundred years and beyond.”

Lindsay Marshall, Chairman, National Affairs and Legislation Committee, The Garden Club of America, 404-949-0020,

Founded in 1913, the Garden Club of America is a volunteer nonprofit organization comprised of 200 member clubs and approximately 18,000 members throughout the country. GCA members passionately devote their energies and expertise to a wide array of projects in their communities and across the nation. The Garden Club of America is a national leader in the fields of horticulture, conservation, and civic improvement.

“The President’s request for increased investments in the national parks is a terrific recognition of the critical role federal lands, recreation, historic preservation, and conservation play in driving local economies and extraordinary travel experiences.  The National Park Service centennial offers a tremendous marketing hook and these new investments will allow the parks and local communities to showcase the special places and stories that make up the American experience in 2016 and for years to come.”

Bill Hardman, President & CEO, Southeast Tourism Society, 404-234-0234,

The Southeast Tourism Society (STS) is a not-for-profit membership association that works to elevate the talents and strategies of travel and tourism organizations and individual professionals within its twelve state region. STS’s mission is to strengthen the economic vitality of the region by uniting all segments of the travel and tourism industry through collaboration, education, advocacy, networking, and recognition.  Established in 1983, STS is an engaged network of more than 800 members from twelve states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

“As we approach the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, we hope that there will be a renewed commitment by our government and the American people to ensure that our national parks are protected for future generations. By definition, our parks are nationally significant and contain a wide array of important natural and cultural resources. Parks are important places to learn history, engage in outdoor activities, and protect resources. They are economic engines and job creators. They are the face and story of America. We must change course and restore our parks. We ask that the President and Congress provide the financial support necessary to ensure that our parks are unimpaired for future generations.”

Maureen Finnerty, Chairperson, Executive Council, The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees,

The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees (CNPSR) includes more than 900 former NPS employees representing all levels and job disciplines of the agency, including many of its most senior managers.  On average, Coalition members have worked for 30 years for the NPS.  We understand the inner workings of park and agency management, and the ramifications law and policy have on park protection, operations, visitors, and communities. CNPSR is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and we depend on our members and supporters to enable our work through their donations. CNPSR focuses on threats, issues, and events with potential for National Park System-wide effects and precedence. Politically non-partisan, we advocate forcefully for parks and park programs, park visitors, and NPS employees.

“Acadia National Park is a natural treasure enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, and is an economic powerhouse with reach that extends throughout our state and region.  Acadia also shares the 1916 founding date with the National Park Service, so excitement is already building here about the opportunity to celebrate a dual centennial here in 2016 that will mark the importance of Acadia’s conservation legacy and the promise of its second century.  This is an absolutely critical time for public investment in our national parks in order to help inspire matching philanthropic support and show the powerful role that parks can play in communities and lives across America.”

David MacDonald, President, Friends of Acadia, 207-288-3340,

Since its founding by a small group of dedicated volunteers in 1986, Friends of Acadia has grown to a 3,700-member organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Acadia National Park and surrounding communities through a combination of advocacy, philanthropy, volunteerism, and innovation in order to add a margin of excellence in supporting the essential work of our partners at the National Park Service.

"Appropriate higher levels of funding to address the infrastructure backlog at our national parks and other public lands is the best way to have a meaningful celebration of the National Park Service Centennial.  The American public and our international guests want to see these gems in excellent condition with all facilities in good repair."

Stephen B. Richer, Public Affairs Advocate, National Tour Association,

The National Tour Association is the leading tourism organization bringing the world to North America and North America to the world.

“The Organization of American Historians urges the Obama administration to invest fully in the National Park Service by providing a budget proposal to fund fully the NPS and restore past cuts it has endured. NPS takes care of and interprets some of the most powerful and instructive historic places in the nation, and millions of Americans each year cultivate a deeper appreciation of the nation's past through encounters with historic buildings, landscapes, and narratives preserved by the NPS. History is at the heart of the visitor experience at two-thirds of all national park units, and as the largest organization dedicated to the teaching and understanding of American history, the OAH calls upon the Obama administration to ensure that parks have the means to fulfill their potential and serve the country.”

Katherine Kinley, PhD, CAE, Executive Director, Organization of American Historians
Contact: Aidan Smith,, 812-855-8726,

Founded in 1907, the Organization of American Historians (OAH) is the largest professional society dedicated to the teaching and study of American history. The mission of the organization is to promote excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presentation of American history, and to encourage wide discussion of historical questions and the equitable treatment of all practitioners of history.

“We applaud President Obama for including increased funding for America’s national parks in his new budget. For too many years, some of our nation’s most treasured places have lacked the necessary maintenance they need. Through initiatives like the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, we truly believe that we can provide more opportunities for youth and young adults to work and serve in national parks, and in doing so cultivate the next great generation of American conservation leaders.”

Mary Ellen Ardouny, President and CEO, The Corps Network
Contact: Levi Novey,, 202-737-6272,

Corps are comprehensive youth development programs that provide their participants with job training, academic programming, leadership skills, and additional support through a strategy of service that improves communities and the environment. They are a direct descendant of the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, which mobilized about three million young men who dramatically improved the nation's public lands while receiving food, shelter, education, and a precious $30-a-month stipend. It is the mission of The Corps Network to provide national leadership and promote the growth and quality of its member Corps as they provide education, workforce development, and an ethic of stewardship to diverse youth who address important community and conservation needs.

“The Partnership for the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (P-21CSC) supports engaging young people and veterans, through 21CSC programs, to complete mission critical work for the National Park Service.” 

Harry Bruell, Co-Chair, Partnership for the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps
Contact: Levi Novey,, 202-737-6272,

The Partnership for the 21CSC supports the development and implementation of the 21CSC to reach its goal of engaging 100,000 young people and veterans per year in conservation service. The Partnership’s members includes key federal, state, local and non-profit leaders and stakeholders of the 21CSC.  The Partnership will keep an active membership roster to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are involved. 

“The Public Land Service Coalition (PLSC) strongly supports investing in National Parks and, specifically, engaging the next generation of young people through partnerships with conservation corps to complete projects maintaining and supporting national parks.”  

Joe Gersen, Director of Government Relations, Public Lands Service Coalition
Contact: Levi Novey,, 202-737-6272,

The Public Lands Service Coalition, a coalition of 38 national and regional organizations, promotes youth service jobs and career development on public/tribal lands and waters. The PLSC was one of the leading voices supporting the development and launch of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps.   

“The National Park Service takes care of and interprets some of the most powerful and instructive historic places in the nation. Each year, millions of Americans cultivate a deeper appreciation of the nation’s past through encounters with historic buildings, landscapes, and narratives preserved by the Park Service. At two-thirds of the nearly four hundred national park units, history is at the heart of the visitor experience, and human activity has profoundly shaped them all. Given the fact that so many Americans are exposed to our history and heritage through the Park Service, we hope that the Administration will provide the funding necessary to fulfill this important role.”

Lee White, Executive Director, National Coalition for History, 202-544-2422 ext. 116,

A consortium of over 50 organizations, the National Coalition for History (NCH) advocates on federal legislative and regulatory issues affecting historians, archivists, teachers, researchers, students, and other stakeholders. NCH’s diverse constituencies are engaged with the National Park Service on many levels in its key role as an interpreter of American history.

“Visitation and tourism related to nearby public lands annually contribute billions to local economies while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.  The greatest value isn’t just about tourism, but rather the overall economic impact. A sound infrastructure and ongoing funding are critical in fueling growth within these destinations. Destination Marketing Association International proudly supports the investment in national parks as proposed in the president's budget.”

Michael Gehrisch, President & CEO, Destination Marketing Association International
Contact: Jim McCaul,, 202-835-4205,

Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) protects and advances the success of destination marketing worldwide. DMAI's influential membership includes nearly 600 official destination marketing organizations (DMOs), also known as tourism boards or Convention and Visitor Bureaus, from nearly 20 countries that command $2.5 billion in annual budgets. As the world's largest and most reliable resource for DMOs, it provides more than 3,700 individual members - professionals, industry partners, educators and students - the most innovative and relevant educational resources, networking opportunities and marketing intelligence worldwide.

“National parks are at the heart of who we are as Americans—they preserve our country’s iconic wilderness areas and irreplaceable historic sites of national significance that tell us stories about where we’ve labored and lived, fought and died, imagined and explored. More Americans learn about history—and come to care about their history—from the national parks than from high school and college classrooms, and by encountering the American past, in turn, they gain appreciation for the difficult, ongoing work of citizenship. On the occasion of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, let’s give it a birthday present and fund park infrastructure, deferred maintenance, and its professional staff at a level fit for the national treasures it holds on our behalf.”

John Dichtl, Executive Director, National Council on Public History, 317-274-2718,

The National Council on Public History is a nonprofit association that inspires public engagement with the past and serves the needs of practitioners in putting history to work in the world. NCPH builds community among historians, expands professional skills and tools, fosters critical reflection on historical practice, and publicly advocates for history and historians.  Members of the organization include historical consultants, museum professionals, government historians, professors & students, archivists, teachers, cultural resource managers, curators, film & media producers, historical interpreters, policy advisors, and many others.

“Urban communities are the home to many of the 401 National Parks across the country, including New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Antonio, Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami, among others.  As the National Park Service approaches its 100th anniversary in 2016, we call on the President to offer a visionary plan that includes a commitment in funding to improve access to parks in urban areas, providing close to home recreational opportunities and connections for all to our national heritage.”

Catherine Nagel, Executive Director, City Parks Alliance, 202-974-5120,

City Parks Alliance is the only independent, nationwide membership organization solely dedicated to urban parks.  It unites and serves a growing network of hundreds of civic and community leaders, government agencies, parks and recreation authorities, funders and others. The mission of the City Parks Alliance is to engage, educate and nurture a broad-based constituency to support the creation, revitalization and sustainability of parks and green spaces that contribute to dynamic cities

“Every year millions of Americans enjoy hiking in America’s national parks – viewing the awe-inspiring scenery, breathing the fresh air, getting some good exercise, and – maybe most importantly – making memories they will always treasure. But parks and hiking trails don’t just happen on their own. Working together, let’s ensure that our national parks are funded and provided the resources that will keep them open and available so that in the future they’ll be more than just memories.”

Peter Olsen, Vice President for Programs & Government Relations, American Hiking Society, 301-565-6704 ext. 205,

As the national voice for America’s hikers, American Hiking Society promotes and protects hiking trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience.

“National parks are a major catalyst for travel and tourism domestically and internationally -- nine out of ten Americans have visited a national park while one in five international visitors travels to a park service unit during their stay in the United States. Park visitors generated $27 billion in economic activity in 2012 and supported nearly 250,000 jobs – even though the Park Service budget represents just one-fifteenth of 1% of the overall federal budget.  Every dollar invested in the National Park Service generates $10 in economic activity, and makes communities across the nation viable and proud. The National Parks Hospitality Association is proud to be a partner to the National Park Service, helping create treasured memories of experiences for some 100 million visitors annually.”

Derrick Crandall, Counselor, National Parks Hospitality Association, 202-682-9530,

The National Park Hospitality Association (NPHA) is the national trade association of the businesses that provide lodging, food services, gifts and souvenirs, equipment rentals, transportation and other visitor services in the National Park System.  Concessioners have served park visitors since the 1870’s. NPHA members have a combined workforce of nearly 25,000 persons – mostly front-line, visitor-contact jobs – and provide in excess of $1.1 billion in goods and services to visitors annually. NPHA members operate in more than 100 park units and generate more than $100 million annually for the National Park Service budget.

National Parks Conservation Association
National Parks Conservation Association

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