Outdoor Industry Leaders Call on Congress to Make Investing in Public Lands and Protecting Natural Resources a Priority in Climate Legislation

Date:   March 17, 2010
Contact:   Bart Melton, National Parks Conservation Association, 202.494.7880
Amy Kleiner-Roberts, Outdoor Industry Association, 303.888.3827
Adam Cramer, Outdoor Alliance, 202.409.4155

Outdoor Industry Leaders Call on Congress to Make Investing in Public Lands and Protecting Natural Resources a Priority in Climate Legislation

Seventy-five outdoor businesses, the Outdoor Industry Association, Outdoor Alliance and the National Parks Conservation Association have signed on to a letter calling on Congress to protect public lands from climate change impacts. The letter, which will be delivered to Congressional offices this week, is below. Healthy lands and waters help generate $730 billion in economic activity in the United States, which generates $88 billion in state and federal tax revenue.
Statement by Amy Kleiner-Roberts, Vice-president of Governmental Affairs, Outdoor Industry Association:

“The active outdoor recreation industry is among the first to experience the impacts of climate change on our public lands. From declining snowpacks to droughts that cause forests to die, climate change can degrade and limit opportunities for outdoor recreation.

“We are asking Congress to pass climate legislation that includes funding for the restoration and adaptation of public lands. We ask that they be protected for their own sake, and for the people who hope to continue to enjoy clean air, scenic landscapes and outdoor recreation.”

Statement by Mark Wenzler, Director Clean Air and Climate Programs, National Parks Conservation Association:

“Restoration work on federal lands helps sustain local economies and American jobs, in addition to maintaining healthy ecosystems. Taking action now to invest in work that helps our lands and wildlife adapt to the earth’s changing climate will ensure that public lands, including our national parks, will continue to support 6.5 million jobs and preserve our country’s best scenery and wildlife for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.”


Dear Senator:

Members of the outdoor recreation industry, along with the National Parks Conservation Association and the Outdoor Alliance, are seriously concerned about the immediate and profound threats climate change poses to America’s natural areas and the significant outdoor pursuits and economic activities supported by these places.

The people and businesses of the outdoor community are some of the first to experience the impacts of climate change on our public lands. Declining snowpack shortens ski and snowshoe seasons, makes alpine climbing more dangerous and can eliminate ice climbing. Less snowpack means less water in our creeks, rivers and lakes for paddling. Higher temperatures and prolonged droughts impact the forests, mountains, deserts, and rivers where we recreate. Climate change can degrade, limit, and in some cases eliminate opportunities for outdoor experiences.

As climate legislation moves forward, we ask you prioritize protecting our national and state parks, forests, wild and scenic rivers, national conservation areas, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, and national recreation areas.  Healthy lands and waters as well as the wildlife and habitat that they support are the foundation of the $730 billion in economic activity generated by active outdoor recreation, which supports 6.5 million jobs -- 1 in 20 across the U.S. -- and $88 billion in state and federal tax revenue.

Though our lands, waters, plant and animals certainly deserve protection for their own sake, they should also be protected for the wealth of ecosystem services they provide for society at large: Clean air and water, biodiversity, carbon storage, wildlife habitat, historic landscapes and, particularly, outdoor recreation.

Our national parks are the envy of the world and are part of the lifeblood of the people and businesses that make up the outdoor community.  Climate-related changes will increasingly degrade our national parks and harm the communities and businesses that depend on healthy natural resources for their continued economic prosperity.  Investments that help restore America’s wildlife and natural resources, making them more resilient to climate change, will improve the ecological health of our national parks and other public lands while enhancing the active recreation economy and the national economy at large.

For the sake of our national parks, forests, rivers, other natural areas and wild places, as well as the thriving economic activity that these places support, please make sure that protecting and enhancing America’s natural areas is a priority in climate legislation. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Bill Cochrane
Active Outdoors Group

Bridget Muscat
Poway, CA

Melanie Maltby
Big Agnes
Steamboat Springs, CO

Duane Raleigh, Publisher/Editor in Chief
Big Stone Publishing
Carbondale, CO

Peter Metcalf, President and CEO
Black Diamond Equipment
Salt Lake City, UT

Scott McVay
Poway, CA

Bronwen Lodato
Bronwen Jewelry
San Francisco, CA

Jesse Mattner
Broomfield, CO

Ken Meidell
Cascade Designs, Inc.
Seattle, WA

Sierra Norton
Chico Bag
Chico, CA

Elysa Hammond, CEO
Clif Bar & Company
Berkeley, CA

Andy Tepper
Clik Elite
St. George, UT

Steve Sullivan, CEO
Cloudveil Mountain Works
Jackson, WY

Lanette Fidrych, President
Cycle Dog
Portland, OR

Kara Weld
Immersion Research
Confluence, PA

Jeff Ivarson
San Rafael, CA

Steve Rendle
VF Outdoor
San Leandro, CA

Scott Reffsin
John Deere
New York, NY

Linda Tom
Portland, OR

Michael Duffy
Arcata, CA

Sam Krieg
Krieg Climbing
Pocatello, ID

Laura Fryer
La Sportiva
Boulder, CO

Jordan Phillips
Mission Playground
Petaluma, CA

W. Beatty Jackson
Knoxville, TN

Noah Robertson, CEO
Mountain Khakis
Jackson, WY

Jeff "Beaver" Theodosakis, CEO
prAna Living, LLC
Vista, CA

Tammy Tramble
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Mark Reed, CEO
Prism Designs Inc
Seattle, WA

Brian Day
Pyranha Kayak
Asheville, NC

Steve Flagg, Owner and President
Quality Bicycle Products
Bloomington, MN

Michael Collins
Kent, WA

Greg Freyberg
Ruff Wear
Bend, OR

Shayla Swanson
Sauce Headwear
Bozeman, MT

Gary Ryan
Scarpa North America
Boulder, CO

Mike Sinyard, President
Specialized Bicycles
Morgan Hill, CA

Stan Day, President and CEO
Chicago, IL

Michele Flamer
Brooklyn, NY

Lisa Branner
Venture Snowboards
Silverton, CO

Ashley Korenblat, President
Western Spirit Cycling
Moab, UT

Andrew Mattox
Alpacka Raft LLC
Mancos, CO

Tom Duguid
Arc'teryx Equipment
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Richard Dash
Dash Hemp
Santa Cruz, CA

David Clifford
David Clifford Photography
Carbondale, CO

Peter Worley, President, Teva/Simple
Deckers Outdoor
Goleta, CA

Joe Osborne
Deuter USA, Inc
Niwot, CO

Dave Ritchie
Wanaka, New Zealand

Steve Rendle
Eagle Creek
VF Outdoor
Carlsbad, CA

Will Manzer, CEO
Eastern Mountain Sports
Peterborough, NH

Buck Branson
evolv Climbing
Buena Park, CA

Stacey Edgar
Global Girlfriend
Littleton, CO

Dana Donley Morton
Boulder, CO

Rain Lipson
Green Label Organic
Floyd, VA

Hal Arenson
Horny Toad/Nau
Portland, OR

Stacy Manosh
Johnson Woolen Mills
Johnson, VT

Jeff Cunningham
K2 Sports
Seattle, WA

Teresa Delfin, Proprietor
Mountain Mama
Ontario, CA

Thomas C. Kiernan, President
National Parks Conservation Association
Washington, DC

April Femrite
Naturally Bamboo
Mankato, MN

Tom Barney, CEO
Cortez, CO

Adam Cramer
Outdoor Alliance
Washington, DC

Frank Hugelmeyer, President
Outdoor Industry Association
Boulder, CO

Christian Folk
Outdoor Research
Seattle, WA

Jonathan Farnsworth
Parlé Your Style
Pocatello, ID

Yvon Chouinard, CEO
Ventura, CA

Brad Werntz
Pemba Serves
Madison, WI

John Evans
Clearfield, UT

Karen Burke
Picnic at Ascot
Hawthorne, CA

Doug Jackson, President
Storm Creek
Hastings, MN

Dan Theade
Street Strider
Carson City, NV

Mike Herlinger
Sun Valley Natural Products
Sun Valley, ID

Sky George
Tarma Designs
Macon, GA

Steve Rendle, President
The North Face
VF Outdoor
San Leandro, CA

John Burke, President and CEO
Trek Bicycles
Waterloo, WI

Lisa Branner
Venture Snowboards
Silverton, CO

Erez Toker, President
Vessel Drinkware
Seattle, WA

Dave Pegg, Founder
Wolverine Publishing
Silt, CO

Ashley Cameron
Oakville, ON, Canada



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