Grand Canyon Advocate Receives National Parks Award

Date:   October 31, 2005
Contact:   Steve Bosak, NPCA, 202-454-3398; cell 202-997-0875

Grand Canyon Advocate Receives National Parks Award

Washington, D.C. - Arizona conservationist Dick Hingson this month received the prestigious Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award from the nonpartisan National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for his advocacy on behalf of Grand Canyon and Zion national parks.

“Dick Hingson deserves thanks from all who love our national parks for his tireless promotion of the importance of natural quiet,” said Steve Bosak, NPCA spokesperson. “From successfully conducting sound research in Zion to leading a cohesive and persistent coalition to pushing for the restoration of natural quiet in the Grand Canyon, Dick Hingson’s commitment to our national treasures has been second to none and an inspiration to all who care about our national parks and the heritage they protect.”

Dr. Hingson’s six consecutive youthful summers in the national parks inspired his advocacy. At age 16, he washed dishes in the kitchen of the Grand Canyon Lodge, eventually becoming assistant manager there. He then worked a sixth summer at Zion Lodge. As a park advocate, he has provided the public and members of Congress with critical information on the laws and regulations governing commercial air tour overflights and national parks. His important, volunteer, sound monitoring and sound source identification field research in Zion and Rocky Mountain national parks in 1995, helped him become instrumental in propelling the implementation of the 2000 National Parks Air Tour Management Act. Hingson likewise became highly involved in the development of successful national litigation to restore natural quiet and mitigate growing aviation effects on Zion, the Grand Canyon, and other national parks.

During an event in Flagstaff, Ariz., earlier this month, Dr. Hingson joined the ranks of other distinguished Marjory Stoneman Douglas award recipients when NPCA honored him with this award. NPCA’s annual Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award was established in 1986 to honor individuals who often must go to great lengths to advocate and fight for the protection of the National Park System. Named for Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a life-long advocate for Everglades National Park, the award recognizes the outstanding efforts of an individual or group that result in the protection of a site or proposed site in the National Park System. Other recipients include, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Michael Frome, Ed Wayburn, Robert Cahn, Polly Dyer, Frank Masland, Isaac Eastvold, Liane Russell, Amy Meyer, Pinkie Lemon, Maxine Johnson, Jim and Heidi Barrett, Frank and Audrey Peterman, Estes Park League of Women Voters, Brian and Rosalynn Scherf, Ted Snyder, Ray Payne and Leroy Fox, Dick Watkins, and Martin Hanson.


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