Spring 2011


On the Road

On the southwestern corner of the Pacific Northwest, two national parks and a national monument sit within a stone’s throw of one another. One holds the deepest lake in the United States, with water so blue it makes the sky look plain. One claims the tallest trees in the world, their limbs reaching higher than 370 feet. And one is nestled within a region considered to have one of the highest rates of biodiversity in the country, teeming with life from tiny bacteria to large predators, ancient endemic beetles to endangered bats.

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Objects of Affection

A few miles west of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, just off a service road that winds past several fast-food restaurants, an auto-parts store, and a church, you’ll find a nondescript, low-slung building where a handful of talented people preserve hundreds of artifacts that bring history to life in our national parks.

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A Classroom With A View

As students paddle through the raging rapids and placid pools of the Colorado River, they learn about the challenges facing the Grand Canyon, and a whole lot more.

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Wilderness Preserved

Walmart withdraws plans for a Virginia superstore atop the nerve center of a key Civil War battle.

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Gasping For Air

Is air pollution pushing the Rockies to a point of no return?

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Tree Huggers

Washington D.C.’s tourists were loving its cherry trees to death, until a beaver showed them the...

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The War that Shaped America

Nearly 150 years after the Civil War, Bill Gwaltney explains why its lessons are still relevant...

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Fourth Rock from the Sun

Can Lassen Volcanic National Park help NASA learn about life on Mars?

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A Leap of Faith

What will it take to save California’s yellow-legged frog?

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Connectivity in Joshua Tree

Watch this short, inspiring video about a rock-climbing couple's connection to Joshua Tree...

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When Cotton Was King

Cane River Creole National Historical Park tells the story of life on a Louisiana plantation.

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Lessons in the Tallgrass

A teacher guides high-school students into the wilderness and learns a few valuable lessons herself.

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