Spring 2010


The Running Country

It had all the earmarks of a good old-fashioned stand-off. No one, it seemed, was going anywhere anytime soon. For days I had been hiking alone through the wild heart of the Sage Creek Wilderness, following buffalo trails pounded deep into the prairie soil by years of passing hooves and side-stepping plops of buffalo droppings as big as garbage-can lids.

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Fading Fast

For most of his life, Gordon Gower has been aiming telescopes at the night sky and has watched light pollution steadily obscure his clear view of the stars. “I grew up in a city of 100,000 people in south Texas, and I could pick out constellations in my backyard,” he says. “But these days, fewer than 20 percent of Americans can see the Milky Way from their own homes.”

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Call of the Wild

“Last summer for the first time two grizzly cubs became tame and were fed by hand around Old Faithful,” wildlife biologist George Melendez Wright wrote in mid-May of 1932. “This will not do and must be stopped before it is well started or the bear problem will be worse than ever.”

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On the Wing

How can national parks help protect bird species that are here only a few months every year?

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The Voice of Glacier

Ranger Doug Follett reflects on 50 Years at Glacier National Park.

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California Desert Protection Act: The Sequel

Fifteen years after the California Desert Protection Act created Joshua Tree, Mojave, and Death...

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At Long Last

Permanent protections for Glacier's headwaters

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Minty Fresh

U.S. Mint follows up state quarters with "America the Beautiful" program, focusing on national...

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On the Prowl

Are there jaguarundis in Big Bend National Park?

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Troubled Waters

The fate of the southwestern willow flycatcher is intimately linked to the health of the Grand...

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The Big One

The Manhattan Project was the biggest covert operation imaginable, and it changed the outcome of...

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Lost and Found

College students make a stunning discovery that benefits Maggie Walker National Historic Site.

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An Early Exit

President James Garfield was in office only 6 months, but his home outside Cleveland, Ohio, tells...

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