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Charlie Lumos , July 15, 2013
I have been working all my life and didn't think I had time to see what the parks had to offer. I am now retired and I told my wife we had to see as many parks as we can.I can not believe how much I missed when I younger. We have been to several...
Deserve Protection
sally , July 12, 2013
Our parks need more protection and we need more Rangers to protect wildlife in our national parks. Wonderful vistas, experiences in all our parks!
Re-appreciating America
Janet and Kabel , July 12, 2013
As retirees we are fortunate to renew our interest in and love of America and its beauty by taking annual month long driving trips to different parts of the country. We are currently on week 3 of this year's 4+ week trip and have visited four...
Absolutely Incredible
Sandy Brennan , June 28, 2013
We live in Maine and Acadia National Park is beautiful. However, my husband and I drove cross country last summer and were lucky enough to visit Bryce National Park and the North Rim Grand Canyon. I can't find words to express our experience! The...
My Gift to The National Parks
Molly Shearer , June 26, 2013
I have lived and worked and raised in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Conneticut which I believe have the best parks in the nation. Minnesota is on top of my list. I feel they need my support to protect the animals, rivers, streams, trees and the lakes....
Lost in Awesomeness
Elizabeth , June 18, 2013
Every year growing up, my family would pick a new national park to go visit for our family vacation and hiking was a mandatory. The only problem was my parents were not the best at reading maps and guidebooks to follow the trails accurately and we...
Patricia M. , May 25, 2013
My friend's story poses an interesting question re: NP management: In February, I made a lifelong dream come true by joining a group trip to South India. I was drawn to the itinerary focusing on India's natural places--national parks, tiger...
All dried up
Donna Izzi , April 11, 2013
I had the great fortune back in the late 80's to visit Yosemite and camp out for one night !! My brother lived in Santa Cruz and I took my one week vacation from Rhode Island to California.I still have the photo album with my ticket and lots of...
Vanishing History
Deborah L. Chan , June 24, 2013
My grandchild needs to see that we value the struggles we have come through. The fort where Harriet Tubman worked, where civil war slaves were sheltered, must be remembered in our history. Remember, the new majority may be Latins or Asians or...
My Parent's Legacy
V. Orsburn , June 23, 2013
Today is my parents 57th wedding anniversary, so to celebrate the love they have for each other and their daughters, I got them a gift membership. I have had one for a while now, and it is because of the love of the parks they gave to me by taking...
Ruth Connery , June 6, 2013
We recently visited Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California - what INCREDIBLE and AWESOME places. We'll be visiting our favorite place, Yellowstone in the fall. To have these places (and wildlife) at our doorsteps and to be able...
So Much Inspiration
E. Lycke , June 2, 2013
My husband and I have hiked in many of our national parks and have always considered ourselves very fortunate to experience the pristine beauty, amazing quiet and inspiring sights that constantly surprise and delight us. Hiking in our parks is...
OUR Parks
Gail Walldorf Wilkerson , May 23, 2013
As a child, as my family traveled across the country, some of the most memorable trips and places visited, were the national parks. So I took my chilren to visit them also because I wanted them to have the same wonderful memories of this...
From Sea to Shining Sea
Deborah Schaefer , May 20, 2013
America the Beautiful - How lucky we are that our forefathers cared enough about this great land to preserve it's natural beauty for us to enjoy. Theodore Roosevelt treasured the American wilderness and spearheaded the efforts to conserve it as...
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Leslie Fonseca , May 10, 2013
My Husband, daughter and I love to travel. We go all over the world, but some of the most amazing sights we have seen have been in our own National Parks. Watching the bears fish for salmon at Katmai, hiking through Zion, rock climbing in Acadia,...
Marylu Max , May 7, 2013
WOW !!! Need I say more !!!
Restore Lake Texoma State Park
Stephen Willis , April 20, 2013
Public Parks are targeted for privatization and we need increase funding for all parks to immunize them from unscrupulous developers and the politicians they own. Lake Texoma State Park was once a national park before it was entrusted to the...
Michael Novograblenof , April 25, 2013
I Love this wonderful Planet we live on, and all the life on it. If we can protect some of it in any way, then I want to do that. The respect for everything on our Planet is sadly missing by many, but we can make a difference by protecting and...
For the Love of Nature
Susan Nicholson , April 20, 2013
For the love and the beauty of nature, for the pure joy of exploring. For the excitement of finding so new to me places. For the joy and the excitement that by giving my great grandsons Mikeal age 2 and Wyatt age 8 mo, will have all this in their...
Never Better!
Travis Owen , April 16, 2013
I have spent the last eight years living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. During this time, my most fond memories certainly revolve around the access to the National Parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton. I'm not sure if there are any parks more...
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