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God's Gift
Amelita , August 29, 2013
I love the National Parks. When I'm in the park ( Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon, Yosemite , Sequoia, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore ) I feel I'm in the presence of my Almighty God. I feel all the love He has for me in the beauty and wonder that surrounds me...
Please go GREEN!!
Janie Schildge , August 29, 2013
As one of three daughters of a college professor, I was raised on our country's National Parks as destinations for camping and exploring the west. We have hiked down the Grand Canyon, climbed in Yosemite, explored the geysers of Yellowstone and...
Glenn Bailye , August 28, 2013
While my four daughters were growing up, we had taken a few different types of summer trips. Out of all the different trips, the trips they talk about the most, are the trips where we traveled in a small motor home to the national parks around...
mamma & cubs
Linda Mitchell , August 23, 2013
The video says it all! We go to.... As I watched the progression of photos I recognized many sights we have seen and loved on our trips to so many of the National Parks. I stamp my NP book at each visitor center and have the possibly unrealistic...
I love them!
Rosie , August 22, 2013
I have never been to a National Park that I didn't like. Each one is unique and special and deserving of our protection. The parks are a national treasure. Let's take care of them so future generations can enjoy them, too.
Beauty of the Parks
Pat Hinneburg , August 22, 2013
I have served in the Tacoma Mountain Rescue Unit and spent many hours on Mt Rainer. Have been to Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon and many others. It is so wonderful to enjoy the work of God and the work of man to save our wonderful parks. Get out and...
For June
Larry Navoy , August 22, 2013
My gift is honor of June Lossmann who will be soon celebrating her 98th birthday and regularly supports the National Parks Conservation Association.
Have an Adventure, Make New Friends, Do the Impossible
Carrie C. , August 18, 2013
I just got back from my very first trip to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky with my boyfriend. We had made our reservations a while back and for the past week we had been checking our camping gear and double and triple checking our to-pack...
Willard Marlow , August 15, 2013
Joining is the right thing to do!
Enjoy, protect, preserve, and strengthen our National Parks, Seashores, Monuments, Historic Sites, and other public lands!
J.C. , August 8, 2013
Our National Parks and other federal public lands are facing devastating and unnecessary harm due to forced budget cuts by Congress and the actions of various destructive, short-sighted special interests like the mining and oil & natural gas...
Road trip
captainvarga , August 6, 2013
It’s a most beautiful experience driving through a National Park, makes me want to stay and be a part of it.
Incredible Mt. Rainier Park
Evgeniya Saunders , August 2, 2013
If you want to see a paradise, go to Mt. Rainier National Park. It is an absolutely incredible and gorgeous place to visit. It's beauty is so overwhelming and serene, that touches everyone, reaches deep in heart and makes happy. Early August is a...
The Caretakers
Evelyn Moyer , August 2, 2013
As a westerner, I love the wide open spaces and understand the need to take care of our wild places. If we don't do it, who will?
Cumberland Island Recomendation
Travis brannon , July 13, 2013
I have made 31 trips to Cumberland Island National Seashore, in as many years. I highly recomend it to everyone. A week in the backcountry is a soul recharging spiritual experience.
vernona killingsworth , July 30, 2013
I have lived in Michigan, Ohio, Montana and currently live in Anchorage , Alaska. The parks in all the states are beautiful. Last year my daughter and son -in-law went to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and all over Montana , Wyoming. The parks and the...
Eve Woodward , July 26, 2013
As I see the natural waters becoming brown instead of blue as I remember playing in as a child, I only hope that we can restore and prevent further damage so that my grandchildren can enjoy the same beautiful lakes and parks. Big business needs...
Investment in my Grandchildren's Future
Sandy Hickman , July 25, 2013
Since my now 20 year old daughter was 16 we have been traveled from Kansas to Minnesota each year for a 2 week camping in the Superior National Forest. Words cannot express what those times of tranquility and just being able to surround ourselves...
Lori B , July 25, 2013
My husband and I have travelled to many national parks and always appreciate the experience. We just came back from Denali and Mount McKinley and the pristine area made me want to contribute to preserve this area for the future.
Charlie Lumos , July 15, 2013
I have been working all my life and didn't think I had time to see what the parks had to offer. I am now retired and I told my wife we had to see as many parks as we can.I can not believe how much I missed when I younger. We have been to several...
Deserve Protection
sally , July 12, 2013
Our parks need more protection and we need more Rangers to protect wildlife in our national parks. Wonderful vistas, experiences in all our parks!
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