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Made it!
Monica Demler , February 21, 2013
Capital Gorge, Capital Reef National Park, Utah
Taking a break
Monica Demler , February 21, 2013
Tower Trail, Devil's Tower National Monument
Tired boots
Monica Demler , February 21, 2013
November visit to the Grand Canyon
On the Rim
Tina Risley , February 20, 2013
A photo I took of my husband on the Rim of Grand Canyon.
National Parks - our greatest resources
Margaret Louden , February 20, 2013
I give to the NPCA because we in the United States are so fortunate to have ancestors who preserve wildlands and historical places by creating, adding to, and preserving our National Parks. Many of the places I love to visit are National Parks. ...
Love for falls
Cynthia August , February 20, 2013
Love to see the waterfalls every chance I get. On one occasion few years ago we took our daughters and g-kids. Then a year letter she decided she wanted her wedding at DeSoto Falls. It was a beautiful wedding with all the downfalls of having it...
Freezing on top of Clingmans Dome
Dale and Sandy Coble-Kilgore,TX. , February 20, 2013
It started to sleet and snow just as we were starting to walk up to the observation tower at the top of Clingmans Dome,the highest peak in the Smokies at 6,643 feet.It was awesome,it was well worth the walk and freezing.April 24,2012
Glacier Trip
Tom Degnan , February 20, 2013
Every year we do a friends trip to a National Park.. it's a great opportunity for good friends to get together outside of the hussle and bussle of every day life. This trip took us to Glacier in 2007.
Cynthia August , February 20, 2013
Kids at Little River fall getting feet wet..
Amazing Grace
Olivia Cornwell , February 20, 2013
My relationship with our national parks began in the back of a 1970 Buick wagon filled with five siblings, two dogs, my Salmonella carrying (who knew?) painted turtles, Coleman camping gear, and a frazzled Mom and Dad. Add two canoes tied to the...
Yosemite xmas
Michelle Gross , February 20, 2013
Steve and I in Yosemite Valley early christmas morning! Eveything was soo beautiful with the snow!!! A Christmas we will never forget.
Hike To High Dune
Tom Chiakulas , February 20, 2013
Photo shows my wife and daughter hiking to the summit of High Dune at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado
Enjoying the view
Cliff Leeker , February 20, 2013
Just rekaxing and enjoying the view of the Cascades.
Crater Lake National Park
L J Frech , February 19, 2013
Wizard Island
Best View in the World!
Sharon O'Neill , February 19, 2013
My husband and I love Yosemite so much that we go there at least twice each year. We were at Tunnel View taking photos. Notice the Lassen NP tee shirts(another great NP). I didn't notice that until after I saw the photo.
North Cascades NP
Sharon O'Neill , February 19, 2013
My husband, John, after a run at North Cascades NP. Taken July 6, 2010
Glacier NP
Sharon O'Neill , February 19, 2013
Me standing by the bus at McDonald Lodge in Glacier NP. Taken July 10, 2010.
attention !
Geno Gangai , February 19, 2013
Top of Lembert Dome Sequoia Nat'l Park
Winter Wonderland at Grand Teton National Park
Nazli Aragon , February 19, 2013
We spent a most peaceful day cross country skiing at the Grand Teton National Park around frozen glacial lakes on (partially) groomed trails, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Teton range.
Slaughter Canyon Cave
Cliff Leeker , February 19, 2013
This photo was taken right after we returned from the Slaughter Canyon Cave Tour in Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
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