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Park Friend
Kay , October 3, 2013
Some of the best vacations our family has ever taken have been in National Parks. The ability to get away from phones, televisions, and newspapers and become one with nature and close to your family can not be duplicated anywhere else. The history...
A way to..."get away"
Lacy Smith , October 2, 2013
Our National Parks, and for Me, "Blue Ridge Parkway", provide a way to "get way" without having to spend an "arm and a leg". Growing up within the Blue Ridge Mountain area you can't help but see God's beauty every single day... even with rain, fog...
The Dunes
Jon Laxen , October 1, 2013
The first time I ever saw something so beautiful it made my cry,was at Great Sand Dunes National Park.Enough said!Our parks are the only thing that are pure and untouched.They need to be protected and preserved until the end of time.
Because it's the right thing to do...
Bryce Holt , October 1, 2013
We're given so many chances to do the right thing. We often don't. It's how we're built; part of humanity's genealogical makeup. It was the United States government's turn to do so today, and we should all spare ourselves for once the...
Deborah McKeever , September 25, 2013
I haven't been to many different parks yet but I've been to Yellowstone & Grand Tetons Nat'l every 2-3 yrs since 1989. I go different times of yr to experience different things. From before the fire that destroyed a huge amount of the park to this...
Sharing with Others
Don Bade, Peabody, MA , September 11, 2013
My wife and I began serious National Park viewing in 1988, with the Golden Eagle Pass, and still love visiting on our vacations. At our Brooksby Village retirement community, I present my "National Park Travelogue" to fellow-residents with many...
Stunning Biodiversity
Ryan Valdez , September 10, 2013
I've been fortunate enough to have the experience of international travel. The top of my list are always natural areas / landscapes / seascapes and other places of such wild beauty. They hold incredible biodiversity, provide us with ecosystem...
Sam , September 6, 2013
I have had the privilege to visit many of OUR National Parks and have yet returned content on not seeing more. The un marred beauty and the ability to jump in head first in it is just magnificence. I have just returned from Denali and it was just...
Its about time
John Roberts , September 6, 2013
My father was a "restoration architect" based in Washington DC so my youth adventures were holding the 0 inch end of a 100 ft tape measure. One of those times was measuring the entire fence around the White House where my father had to show his...
Shining Mountains
Tim Lang , September 3, 2013
The Swiftcurrent valley of Glacier National Park is the home of my heart. Sunrises glinting off, or sunsets' swirls drenching reflectively o'er Mt.s Wynn, Allen, Henkel, Grinnel and most enigmatically, precious Heavy Shield (Wilbur) are the...
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