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My Child
Marcie , January 18, 2014
I have been to several parks over the years and I recently went back to a park that is near where my grandmother lives. I drove her out because she cannot walk very well. When I first learned how to drive, my grandmother came with me to this park...
Hillel , December 27, 2013
It seems like we've visited a million national parks, monuments, wilderness areas and wildlife refuges, and we've loved them all. The staff we met were always cheerful and helpful and the areas were beautiful and/or fascinating. The other...
Singh , January 5, 2014
When I first came to this great country what struck me most was the effort to preserve this beautiful land ,whether by the neighborhood park or the great national parks. I hope you can always preserve the wilderness in all it's glory and continue...
Connie Speake , December 14, 2013
When I was a very little child, my mother enjoyed telling us about the summers she spent in Yellowstone National Park, waiting tables at the lodge, helping with evening entertainment, and on her day off, riding horseback. We heard those wonderful...
A Legacy of a Lifetime
Jen Herron , January 24, 2014
I've been visiting national parks in this country since before I could walk. Part of the legacy my parents have given to me is an appreciation for this amazing land that we call a country. Preservation of our most magnificent and fragile...
Art of Adventure
Adventure Insider , December 1, 2013
The National Parks are a treasure and a place of adventure and discovery. Wilferd Peterson said, ” A man practices the Art of Adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new...
Yellowstone is my home
Richard , December 15, 2013
I worked in Yellowstone for four summers 1959-1962, my brothers worked there and my mother worked in Hamilton Stores for 10 summers. I met my wife there. I have been back many times and had the pleasure of taking my daughter and grandkids for a...
Visited Grand Canyon this Week
Paul Palmquist , November 8, 2013
This week we visited the Grand Canyon N. P. as a group of 14, who planned the trip 2 months ago. We were worried when the shutdown occurred, pleased when it ended, and hope that the Natonal Parks will be properly funded in the future. We all...
Yosemite National Park
Mr. Kit Medina , January 27, 2014
I have always been a very outdoor kind of guy. Personally I have always been more of a Ocean kind of fella but, when I met my girlfriend over a year ago, she was very big into National Parks and more of the Mountain scene. Last year, her family...
Missed Olympic Park Visit
Marcia Steinberg , October 25, 2013
When I visit one of the parks, I usually send a donation in memory of the experience. This time, however, I'm making a donation in memory of one of the parks, Olympic National Park in Washington which I could not visit on my Puget Sound cruise...
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