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National Parks are part of my life
Randall Roebuck , December 8, 2012
I grew up with Olympic National Park almost literally in my front yard. The rural neighborhood I lived in until I was 9 was just off of the Mount Angeles Road in Port Angeles, WA, and was overshadowed by Mt. Angeles itself. At that time, the Mt....
National Parks made me who I am today
Michael , November 25, 2012
The summer after my freshman year of college I worked out in Glacier National Park. As soon as I stepped off the train I was hooked. Two years later I found myself working in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Now that I have graduated from college...
The real reason I give
Gloria J , November 28, 2012
I have visited many parks where I backpacked, hiked and enjoyed the great outdoors and yes, that in itself is a reason to give - so that the perpetuity of parks remain. The real reason I give is because of the fear of what will happen if the...
Mesa Arch at Sunrise
Walt Biddle , November 28, 2012
As an older photographer, I can still get to awesome sites in Nature because of our National Parks and the access.
Nancy , November 14, 2012
I donate to honor my parents. They were so grateful to be able to take their children to the the Parks. Many a family vacation was spent discovering a new one!
Inspirational Grandeur
Maria Walsh , November 14, 2012
The grandeur and inspiration of our national parks is overwhelming. We have visited Olympic National Park and climbed Mt.Olympus. We have visited the Grand Canyon, both the south rim and the north rim. We visited Zion National Park and Bryce...
Why wouldn't anyone support our National Parks?
Jane Shafroth , November 10, 2012
Why wouldn't anyone support our National Parks? Coming to live in the United States from the United Kingdom in 1977, over the last 35 years, I have been able to visit many of our wonderful parks. In 1976, while studying European Studies in Bonn,...
We are Ken Burns Family
Howard W. , November 2, 2012
In the summer of 1956 my father packed up our whole family in the station wagon and we headed west from New York to visit the National Parks. His mother had taken him west by train during the 1930's and he wanted to share the wonder of the...
Chadwick , November 4, 2012
The National Parks are one of many amazing things about this country. While prior generations had the forsight to preserve such natural wonder, it is the current generation's duty to maintain it so that future generations continue to have the...
a national treasure
Diana Ranson , November 4, 2012
About once a month I am fortunate enough to go hiking in the Great Smokies National Park. Whether I'm there on a long hike with my husband or brother, on a drive with my mother, or on a shorter walk with my grandkids, I always come away feeling...
Once the Parks are Gone...
Carol Nonnenmacher , October 27, 2012
very simply once the parks are gone they will never come back
Our National Parks are Glorious Cathedrals
Gary Sanchez , October 16, 2012
Our National Parks are Glorious Cathedrals where our blessed natural world is held sacred and where those who worship the Works of the Eternal can meet and bask in our Love of Nature.
Our National Treasures
Janet , October 9, 2012
I highly recommend that everyone see the Ken Burns DVDs on the history of the National Parks and National Monuments available from PBS. It is amazing how many people dedicated their lives to ensure that future generations could enjoy the natural...
John Damberg , October 5, 2012
I spent the summers of 1980-85 working in Montana's beautiful Glacier National Park, which were 5 of the best summers of my life working in this awesome place. I now live in Anchorage, Ak and I visit Alaska's many nationals parks on a regular...
We need these places
Barbara Efraimson , September 29, 2012
I've visited the Great Smokey Mountains and it's just awe-inspiring. I've also been in the Adirondack Park, repeatedly because I live so close to it, and it, too, gives you the feeling of being there alone to witness the peace and beauty that...
aw hess , September 29, 2012
The United States is a big country with citizens from all corners of the planet. We are fortunate to benefitted from enlightened leadership from our founders and leaders that followed. Democracy, free speech, and freedom from a state religion...
A little here, a little there all adds up
Tommy Tomlin , September 17, 2012
A little here, a little there all adds up and provides an effective organization like NPCA with resources to help promote and protect or national parks. This organization has an excellent record and proven to be a productive voice for those who...
America at Her Best
Gigi Jordan Hunter , September 6, 2012
American history has always been one of my passions. We have such a beautiful nation with a very rich history. I taught in the Missouri public school system for 28 years and in that time I witnessed the decline of our teaching of American...
Keep The Faith
Steve Ruhl , September 5, 2012
Since our Nation began, our fathers and grandfathers took great pains to set aside some of the best things this nation is made of so further generations could enjoy the wonders that make this a truelly great place to live!I think it is a crime to...
Our Gift to Ourselves
Wilma Reeder , September 7, 2012
National Parks are the gifts that keep on giving generation after generation. We must preserve what we have for our children and their children.
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