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Important to Preserve Natural Environments
D Taylor , August 27, 2014
My parents were contributors when they lived in Canada and we visited National and State parks when we visited from UK. When my father died I decided to become a supporter in my own right. I still visit independently and have enjoyed two NPCA...
Beverly Sales , August 12, 2014
I have fond memories of camping with my family and sleeping out under the stars. In college I remember hiking at night in Yosemite Nat. Park. There is one night a year when you can see a "moonbow" caused by the mist from Yosemite Falls and the...
For Our Grandchildren
Paul and Linda Wassel , August 11, 2014
We love the national parks and were thrilled to take ourselves and our children to beautiful, magnificent parks such as Muir Woods, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Wind Cave, Mt. Rainier National Park, and Grand Canyon. We want to have these...
Why I Give to NPCA
Kevin Hadlock , August 2, 2014
Ever since my first visit to a National Park in 1971, I have loved spending time in national parks and NPS sites, whether scenic, historical or otherwise noteworthy. I love the way the parks make me feel connected to something much bigger than...
Community donation
Dave Kindel and Jennifer Bruce , July 26, 2014
Dave and I were recently married in a state park, and told our guests that 10% of the funds we received for our wedding would go to the National Parks Conservation Association. We have always both loved the wild outdoors, and had explored and...
Preserving Parks For Future Generations
Tom A , July 8, 2014
I grew up on a cattle ranch in Nebraska, and love the outdoors. I live in Texas now, and believe that we should preserve our national parks and the natural habit for animals and birds for the future generations. To this day, I cannot see a deer,...
Laurel McClaren , July 6, 2014
I live in Colorado and love going to Rocky Mt National Park! It is so beautiful there with the elk, mountain goats and all the other animals that live there and the scenery is magnificent! I also visit other national parks like Yellowstone,...
For my sons and their sons
Rich Braslow , June 19, 2014
Three years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce with my oldest son. It is a trip I will never forgot. I support NPCA with the hope that down the road my son will be able to have the same experience with his son or...
Outdoor Wildlife Nature
Joshua , June 2, 2014
I support National Parks because it prevents the encroachment of civilization on some of the most beautiful land in America and we need to keep it special and wild and and keep that way for as long as we possibly can so our future generation can...
Why I Support NPCA
Tami Howard , May 24, 2014
I am a lifelong lover of the great outdoors and nature. I always feel closer to God when I visit a National Park, our natural cathedrals. The experience is truly spiritual for me. These are the places where one's spirit can soar. The National...
Holly , May 7, 2014
No other destination can foster the health and well-being of land, animals, people, history and future like our national parks. They are there for us to enjoy, and it is imperative we preserve and conserve their very crucial place in our history,...
Gift to the Future
J. Loiseau , May 1, 2014
I am indeed fortunate to have witnessed the unique beauty of some of our national parks, and I lend my support because future generations deserve to experience the mountains, lakes and rivers in pristine wilderness; to see the awesome sights of...
For Our Future
Jean , May 1, 2014
These parks are America's homeland - our country. They are my family's healthy vacations, where we get fit. Creatures found nowhere else on earth are there, and the stars above them are visible like no where else. We need quiet, scenic views to...
They Can't Be Replaced
Carol , April 30, 2014
We have visited 25 National Parks, to date, on our annual motorcycle trips and there are so many more to see. I want my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be able to see the things we have seen - glaciers, waterfalls, hundreds year old...
Its a Neighborhood
Larry Bloom , April 20, 2014
I want to retire to a place where its totally peaceful, visually scenic, and well-protected. Its a neighborhood without the neighbors and if a bear or 2 comes along so be it, bears will keep away the thieves.
For my Grandsom
Danny , April 19, 2014
My wife and I love travelling to our national parks. They are treasures that must be preserved for future generations. I want my grandson to experience the same wonderment that we have.
Mark , April 10, 2014
It is our responsibility and duty to preserve and protect what cannot be easily or ever restored. Our picture: Joshua Tree NP
Virginia H. Bennett , April 8, 2014
All of my life, I have been an ardent Nature-lover and bird-watcher. I have had the privilege to visit many national parks and derived great joy from seeing their majestic beauty and observing the wildlife freely roaming in them. I would hate to...
Item on my bucket list
Paul Wilding , April 8, 2014
Several years ago I was able to cross off one item on my bucket list. I had retired and was able to be a seasonal ranger at the Peaks of Otter area of the Blue Ridge Parkway. My main job was to interpret an 1800's mountain farm. The visitors were...
Thank you for your priceless leadership!
David Romain , April 8, 2014
Sorry we cannot contribute more this year, but we will be out of the country, volunteering to work with children in one of the poorer countries of Central America. We have learned a great deal from your examples and encouragement to bring more...
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