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What is Custom Journey Travel?

Your custom journey is created from scratch, just for you.  With over 40 years of National Parks journey planning experience, we have a deep well of knowledge and insight to offer.  We have also developed a keen intuition for effectively adding relevant color, shape, and intrigue to the core ideas you bring us to start the conversation.  In the end, you get an experience that contains even more opportunities for fun and connection than you might have ever envisioned.

How does it work?

Through NPCA’s partnership with Off the Beaten Path (OBP), NPCA members can now work with an OBP regional specialist to design a private custom journey. On a custom journey, you can explore national parks on a trip that is fully customized to meet your needs and interests.

Take a look at our featured destinations or create your own custom journey. Call us at 855.241.7620, e-mail us at, or fill out our online planning form. Tell us what matters to you most.  Our team will then contact you for a short call to make sure we understand what you want. We ask questions, but just as importantly, you can ask us questions too.  You need to feel confident that we can deliver a great trip within your budget, and that the process will be enjoyable and satisfying.  Once you give the thumbs up on your custom journey, we finalize the itinerary, pin down all your reservations, and start on your documents and personalized Journey Guidebook.

What is included in every NPCA Custom Journey?

From the moment you contact us to the moment you return home, we’re dedicated to taking great care of you!

Connections: We provide exclusive access to national park experts for a deeper park experience
Expertise: An experienced regional planner hand picks lodges and activities for your tailored itinerary.
An Unforgettable Journey: This is your trip - truly special and distinctly original.
Respecting Your Budget:Ensuring the absolute best return for your travel time and budget.
Personalized Journey Guidebook: Providing all the information you need for every step of the way
Giving Back: 5% of your total trip cost will be donated back to NPCA from OBP

Where can you go?

Your custom journey can lead you almost anywhere! See the possibilities by checking out our current custom journey opportunities.


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