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Report CoverAnalysis of Options for Transferring the Valles Caldera National Preserve to Direct Federal Agency Management
June 2011
The Valles Caldera National Preserve is an incredible cross-section of human history and impressive geological features, and, as a this economic report on the site states, with proper management by the National Park Service (NPS) it can be preserved for future generations while also providing an economic boon to local communities and New Mexico.

Report CoverNational Parks of the Colorado River Basin: Water Management, Resource Threats, and Economics
A Center for Park Research Report

April 2011
This report by NPCA’s Center for Park Research identifies the effects that large dams have on natural and cultural resources in Dinosaur National Monument, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and Grand Canyon National Park. The report also considers the economicvalue of national parks as well as the economic value of hydropower generated by large dams in the Colorado River Basin.

Landscapes of OpportunityLandscapes of Opportunity
The Economic Influence of National Parks in Southeast Utah

May 2009
NPCA's new report, Landscapes of Opportunity, profiles local community and business leaders and examines economic data to illustrate the complex, symbiotic relationship between the national parklands in Southeast Utah and their neighbors, and the advantages for each in continuing the region's deliberate approach to planning and compatible development.

Dark Horizons Dark Horizons: 10 National Parks Most Threatened by New Coal-Fired Power Plants
May 2008
Americans expect and deserve clean air when they visit our national parks! NPCA's new report highlights the ten national parks most threatened by new coal-fired power plants, and calls on the Administration to abandon its effort to permit more harmful air pollution near national parks.

LWCF America's Heritage For Sale
April 2008
To protect our national heritage, NPCA is calling on Congress and the next Administration to provide the funding needed to acquire the critical, 1.8 million acres of private land within the boundaries of our national parks, or risk losing it to development.

An Economic Asset at RiskAn Economic Asset at Risk
December 2006
According to NPCA's economic analysis, America's National Park System generates at least four dollars for state and local economies in return for every one tax dollar that the Federal Government invests in the parks' budgets. Acadia National Park is profiled in this report.

Center for the State of the Parks Reports

Canyonlands National Park
September 2004
Grand Canyon National Park
August 2010


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