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  • Successful advocacy with allies to secure a moratorium on uranium mining in an area of 1 million acres adjacent to the Grand Canyon.

  • Active advocacy to secure compliance with regional haze requirements mandated by the Clean Air Act and utilization of Best Available Retrofit Technology in coal fired power plants in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Pollutants generated from these plants threaten many national park units throughout the Colorado Plateau.

  • With allies, secured the filing of a bill to promote National Park Service management for the Valles Caldera Preserve Trust in New Mexico and completed an economic assessment of the contributions this change would provide.

  • Participated in Black Canyon of the Gunnison water lawsuit and secured a settlement to assure compliance with Federal water right for protection of park river systems.

  • Working towards successful conclusion of overflights issues at the Grand Canyon  through NEPA process that will improve natural quiet at the park.

  • Advocacy for a new operating plan for management of the Colorado River at Glen Canyon Dam through a newly initiated Long Term Experimental Management Plan.  This is the first potential revision in over 15 years of what is represented as Adaptive Management.

  • Supported efforts to restrict a professional bike tour at Colorado National Monument that would have closed the park for one full day and set a precedent for commercialization of park resources.

  • Successful advocacy to block oil and gas leasing adjacent to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Has led to a new management standard for oil and gas development, nationally, that requires inter-agency collaboration, site specific impact analysis and recognition of cumulative impacts or surface and air.

  • Successful advocacy to support legislation creating wilderness designation at Zion and Rocky Mountain National Parks.

  • Led a campaign to restrict the development of an industrial park adjacent to Tuzigoot NM in Arizona.

  • Strong advocacy and support to secure the first purchase of approximately 26,500 acres within the expanded boundaries of Petrified Forest National Park.


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