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Fall 2014

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(PDF, 620 KB)

In This Issue:

  • History and Justice in the Southwest
  • 150th Anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre
  • Colorado Program Manager, Vanessa Mazal
  • Favorite Photos from Our Members
  • Discovering the Marvels of Canyon de Chelly
  • Protecting Chaco Canyon Culture
  • Grand Canyon’s Strong Ties with Native Americans
  • Lending a Hand On National Public Lands Day
  • CanyonlandsNational Park Turns 50
  • See America Project Meets Outdoor Retailers – Summer 2014

Previous Issues:

Spring 2014 (PDF, 660 KB)

  • Dark Sky Refuge in Colorado Plateau National Parks
  • NPCA Helping to Protect the Night Sky Experience
  • Chaco Culture National Historic Park Designated International Dark Sky Park
  • It Takes a Village to Protect the Grand Canyon
  • Rebecca Walsh – NPCA’s New Western Clean Air Manager
  • New Regional Council Members Spotlight
  • The Utah Gateway Community Forum Update
  • Your Support for NPCA Goes a Long Way

Fall 2013 (PDF, 1MB)

  • The Southwest Region Strategic Approach to Protection of our National Parks
    • Energy Development and Transmission Adjacent to our National Parks
    • Protecting Large Landscapes Surrounding our National Parks
    • National Parks at the Heart of the Colorado River Basin
  • Six Southwest Members of Congress Receive National Parks Award
  • US Conference of Mayors and National Association of Counties Pass Resolutions Supporting National Park Funding
  • Utah Gateway Community Forum
  • Meet our New Staff Member – Zachary Bolick, Utah Community Coordinator
  • Member Spotlight: Pauline Lee, Sun Lakes Arizona

Spring 2013 (983 KB)

  • Giving Back: How Southwestern National Parks Benefit the Four Corners States
  • Headed Down the Wrong Path: Sequester Wreaking Havoc with National Park Budgets
  • Protecting Dinosaur National Monument from Oil and Gas Development: A Victory or a Delay?
  • Litigation as Conservation Tool
  • Colorado River Basin Study: Important Analysis Yet Misses Opportunity by Omitting National Parks Perspective
  • Restoration, Conflicts and Protection: Book Highlights from the NPCA Family
  • Petrified Forest National Park Just Got Bigger






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