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    • NPCA, additional nonprofits, and community groups have nearly finished the 60-year battle of the Northshore Road.  The Park Service released an FEIS recommending a cash settlement be paid to citizens of Swain County as the preferred alternative. (2007)
    • NPCA & local community groups along with state & local agencies facilitated the Tapoco Land Exchange, a FERC re-licensing agreement that added an additional 10,000 acres of wild lands adjacent to Great Smoky Mountains National Park (2005)
    • NPCA, the Appalachian Trail Conference, the Southern Environmental Law Center, and local citizens persuaded the State of North Carolina to revoke a rock quarry permit in one of the most spectacular viewsheds of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.  The pursuit also resulted in North Carolina changing the permitting process to prevent the issuance of similar permits in the future. (2005)
    • NPCA prevented a destructive land exchange proposal on Cumberland Island from being authorized, allowing time for The Nature Conservancy to purchase the property and allow the National Park Service (NPS) to manage the area (1998-2005)
    • NPCA partnered with local legislators to successfully add 4,600 acres of important bottomland hardwood to the Congaree Swamp National Monument in South Carolina and redesignate the area as the Congaree National Park. Congaree National Park now protects the largest intact tract of old-growth floodplain forest in North America (2003)
    • NPCA was instrumental in ending a 20-year battle after convincing the Army Corps of Engineers to announce the intention to abandon pursuit of the Oregon Inlet Jetties, thereby protecting the natural barrier island processes on Cape Hatteras National Seashore. (2003)
    • NPCA blocked proposals for a dam on Bear Creek, a tributary to Buffalo National River, one of the country's last remaining free-flowing rivers.  An important legal precedence was established thereby providing watershed-wide protection of national wild and scenic rivers that extends beyond National Park boundaries. (2002)
    • NPCA successfully influenced plans to relocate a destructive roadway project away from the boundary of Stones River National Battlefield, one of NPCA's Ten Most Endangered Parks. (2001)
    • NPCA joined forces with a community near Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to successfully prevent strip mining adjacent to the park (1997)
    • NPCA provided funding to transport eight Texas cougars to Everglades National Park to improve the Florida gene pool. Successful breeding has occurred and several litters, hybrids between the Texas and Florida cougars, have been recorded. (1995)


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