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Contact: Andrew Hagemeier, AICP

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In 2003, the National Parks Conservation Association produced Gateway to Glacier, a study detailing the importance of Glacier National Park to the regional economy.

Building off the highly influential Gateway report, NPCA is taking a fresh look at how the natural amenities of the Crown of the Continent—like Waterton-Glacier Peace Park—diversify and strengthen local economies.

The Pathways to Prosperity discussion will focus on iden­tifying the shared values and economic benefits of “Foot­loose Businesses” and “Travel Stimulated Entrepreneurial Migrants” (TSEMs), examining what drives their entrepre­neurial choices. Why do we choose to live and work here?

Through this exercise, we will interview community lead­ers throughout the Crown, identifying the many ways these Footloose Businesses and TSEMs are diversifying and strengthening our economy.

The Crown of the Continent is a region of breathtak­ing natural beauty, ecological significance and economic vitality. Transcending the US/Canadian border, the Crown reaches from the Elk River Valley in British Columbia, south to the Blackfoot River in Montana, east to the Rocky Mountain Front and west into the Flathead Valley. The centerpiece of the Crown is Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, a World Heritage Site and the world’s first International Peace Park.

Without a doubt, few regions can compete with the natural amenities we enjoy here in the Crown. As a result, Foot­loose Businesses and TSEMs are increasingly choosing to locate throughout the Crown. Entrepreneurs are opting to invest in businesses here due to the quality of life our pristine natural amenities offer.

But what does a Footloose Business in the Crown look like? Who are these TSEMs, and what are the experiences that brought them here?

These are important questions we need to ask as we work to capitalize on the amenities found in the Crown---the opportunities that set us apart from other communities in an increasingly competitive economic landscape.

Download the Full Pathways to Prosperity Introduction (PDF)

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