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Our Grand Teton Field Office is proud to share some recent successes:

  • Led efforts to preserve 1,406 acres of state-owned land within Grand Teton National Park and helped to secure $16 million through the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund to preserve an initial 86 acres. Through our advocacy, an agreement was signed to allow the remaining lands to be purchased through an exchange of lands and minerals elsewhere in the state by January 2016.
  • Helped to preserve the migration of pronghorn antelope into the park through efforts to protect the “Path of the Pronghorn” from southwest Wyoming. Initiatives included fence modification projects, support for wildlife crossing structures, educational publications and interpretative displays, and encouraging industry support for private land conservation easements.
  • NPCA successfully advocated to maintain adequate funding for Grand Teton National Park and worked with the Chamber of Commerce, elected officials and national agencies to secure funds for replacement of the Moose sewage treatment facility, enhance alternative transportation, and restore funds lost through the Budget Deficit Reduction Act. This translates into safe and environmentally sound facilities, recreational enhancements, and more park rangers on the ground.
  • Engaged community volunteers to help pronghorn antelope complete their historic bi-annual migration into Grand Teton National Park. Hosted five park projects to modify fencing and involved over 250 volunteers, in partnership with local conservation allies.
  • Provided a critical review of noise thresholds due to jet air traffic over the park prior to renewal of a 20-year lease with the Jackson Hole Airport, located within the park.  Successfully pushed for noise restriction and mitigation requirements to reduce impacts on park lands and soundscapes. Thwarted attempts by the airport to inject sewage effluent into the Snake River Aquifer, a procedure that could potentially harm this newly designated Wild and Scenic River.
  • Supported designation of the Snake River as a Wild and Scenic protected river, and worked with the National Park Service and Forest Service to manage the river in a cohesive way to protect these values.
  • Supported alternative transportation systems and transit initiatives to reduce traffic and pollution in Grand Teton National Park.
  • Successfully advocated for the funding, planning and development of 17 miles of bicycle and pedestrian pathways in the park. 
  • Hosted a premiere showing of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park segment of the Ken Burns film series, “National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”
  • Defeated a harmful proposal by energy development interests to develop industrial hydropower production facilities on Jackson Lake dam; and will continue to monitor efforts solve regional energy needs.
  • Protected wolves in Grand Teton National Park by resisting delisting in Wyoming, prior to the adoption of a sound management plan. Efforts continue to protect wolves harvested on park boundaries, and to prohibit the future hunting of wolves within the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway.
  • Advocated for policies that reduce the dependence of the Jackson Hole Elk herd on artificial feeding and reduce conflicts surrounding the annual cull of elk within the park.


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