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This GeoStory depicts the work of NPCA and its partners in the Chesapeake as they take action to protect the watershed’s landscape. These champions are educating today’s park visitors, and restoring and connecting our national parks in the Chesapeake landscape to preserve them for future generations.

The health of our national parks is directly linked to the health of the waters that surround and flow through them. From the headwaters of the Chesapeake which flow through Shenandoah National Park, Harpers Ferry and C&O Canal national historical parks—to the mouth of the Bay at Fort Monroe National Monument, national parks play a vital role in preserving shorelines and protecting habitat.

GeoStories is an interactive platform that combines maps with stories and photos so that viewers can visually explore places and issues. You can zoom in within the map and see the parks NPCA and our partners are working to protect.

National Parks Conservation Association
National Parks Conservation Association

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