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National parks in Virginia feature historic parks from the beginning of America’s history, including Jamestown and Yorktown, to many of the most critical Civil War battlefields, and the famous views from Shenandoah and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  National parks in Virginia include more than 30 locations administered in 20 park units.  In every part of Virginia, a fascinating experience awaits you at a national park nearby.  National parks collectively preserve and interpret more than 400,000 acres of Virginia’s most ecologically sensitive and culturally significant land.

Even though national parks in Virginia are treasured, there are many serious threats to the integrity and long-term protection of these special places.  NPCA responds to threats of incompatible development, such as a Super-WalMart proposed on the edge of the Wilderness Battlefield, and the need for establishing cooperative partnerships and encouraging good community planning. By working with community leaders and organizations, we advance park advocacy.

Our Virginia program is advanced through the implementation of the following strategies: 

Building key allies – We enhance our ability to preserve national parks by working strategically with other organizations such as park friends groups, community leaders, and other influential individuals and organizations.  We encourage volunteering to help strengthen Virginia's national parks.  

Building public support for park protection and funding – NPCA seeks to increase awareness among key constituencies of national park issues, including federal funding shortfalls, threats from air pollution and global warming, land protection needs, and park benefits to communities.


NPCA Chooses Clean Water

NPCA helps to the lead Choose Clean Water coalition, with the goal of protecting and restoring local water quality at dozens of national parks in the region and in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Read More >

Virginians for Healthy Air

NPCA is joining forces with businesses in Virginia to work for healthy air for Shenandoah National Park and the state.  To learn more about the coalition or to sign up your Virginia business click below. Read more about Virginians for Healthy Air >


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