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Meet the Staff | Board of Trustees | Meet Our President and Chief Executive Officer


W. Clark Bunting, President and Chief Executive Officer
Theresa Pierno, Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth Fayad, General Counsel
Adam J. Siegel, Associate General Counsel
Laura Atchison, Senior Director of Board Relations
Madeleine Starkey, Executive Assistant
Kimberly Rowsome, Senior Volunteer Coordinator

Government Affairs 

Craig Obey, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
Laura Loomis, Deputy Vice President, Government Affairs
Tom Hill, Director of Special Projects
Chad Lord, Director, Water Program
Alan Spears, Government Affairs Cultural Resources Director
Christina Kamrath, Senior Manager of Policy Information, Government Affairs
Kristen Brengel, Senior Director, Legislation & Policy
John Garder, Director, Budget & Appropriations
Karen Nozik, Director of Ally Development and Partnership
Emily Douce, Associate Director of Budget & Analysis
Natalie Levine, Senior Analyst
Pamela Kemper, Senior Coordinator
Ani Kame'enui, Director, Natural Resources Policy

Center for Park Management

Hayley Mortimer, Vice President
Jamie Varner, Senior Director
Whitney Tome, Director of Diversity and Inclusion 

Regional Programs

Robin Martin McKenna, Vice President of Regional Operations
Jim Stratton, Deputy Vice President
Suzanne Dixon, Sr. Director
Brynne Harold, Director, Regional Operations
Katherine McKinney, Senior Coordinator, Regional Operations
Edward Stierli, Director, Find Your Voice

Conservation Programs

Mark WenzlerSenior Vice President of Conservation Programs
Sarah Gaines Barmeyer, Senior Managing Director of Conservation Programs
Christa Cherava, Program Analyst, Clean Air & Climate
Karen Hevel-Mingo, Climate Progam Manager
Stephanie Kodish, Senior Director & Counsel, Clean Air & Climate
Nathan Miller, Program Manager, Clean Air & Climate
Nick Lund, Senior Manager, Landscape Conservation Program
Ryan Valdez, Senior Manager, Conservation Science and Policy, Clean Air and Climate
Ulla Reeves
, Clean Air Campaign Manager

Alaska Regional Office

Melissa Blair, Associate Director
Joan Frankevich, Program Manager
Shannon Brundle, Administative Coordinator

Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

Joy Oakes, Senior Director, Mid-Atlantic Region
Pamela Goddard, Director, Chesapeake and Virginia
Carole Southall, Regional Director of Development
Melanie McDowell, Senior Program Coordinator
John Beljean, Delaware River Field Representative

Mid-West Regional Office

Lynn McClure, Senior Regional Director
Christine Goepfert, Senior Program Manager, Upper Midwest
LeAaron Foley, Senior Outreach Coordinator
Kesha Richardson, Program Coordinator

Northeast Regional Office 

Cortney Worrall, Senior Regional Director, Northeast Region
Oliver Spellman, Director, New York State and New Jersey
Timothy Leonard, Northeast Regional Coordinator
Elizabeth Bowler, Program Manager
Lauren Cosgrove, New York Find Your Voice senior coordinator

Northern Rockies Regional Office

Bart Melton, Regional Director
Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager
Michael Jamison, Crown of the Continent Senior Program Manager
Sarah Lundstrum, Glacier Field Representative
Meghan Quinn, Grand Teton Program Coordinator
Stephanie Adams, Yellowstone Program Manager
Holly Sandbo, Program Coordinator

Northwest Regional Office

Rob Smith, Regional Director
Shannon Brundle, Senior Administrative and Outreach Coordinator
Graham Taylor, Field Representative

Pacific Regional Office

Ron SundergillSenior Director, Pacific Region
Neal Desai, Pacific Region Director
Kari Kiser, Senior Program Coordinator
David Lamfrom, Director, CA Desert and National Wildlife Programs
Lynn Davis, Las Vegas Senior Program Manager
Seth Shteir, Program Manager, California Desert
Dennis Arguelles, Los Angeles Program Manager

Southeast Regional Office

Donald Barger, Senior Director
Emily Jones, Senior Program Manager
Tracy Kramer, Senior Outreach Coordinator
Chris Watson, Senior Program Manager

Southwest Regional Office

David Nimkin, Senior Regional Director
Kevin Dahl, Senior Program Manager, Arizona
Cory MacNulty, Senior Program Manager
Erika Pollard, Senior Program Manager
Elizabeth Kirsch, Regional Coordinator
Vanessa Mazal, Colorado Program Manager
Jerry Otero, Four Corners Energy Program Manager

Sun Coast Regional Office 

John Adornato III, Senior Regional Director
Jacqueline Crucet, Sun Coast Outreach Manager
Caroline McLaughlin, Biscayne Program Manager
Cara Capp, Everglades Restoration Program Manager

Texas Regional Office

Suzanne Dixon, Regional Director
Victoria Herrin, Campaign Director, Texas Gulf Coast
Erika Pelletier, Texas Program Manager
Dallas Kelley-Kerr, Campaign Manager


Linda M. Rancourt, Vice President, Communications
Amy Hagovsky, Deputy VP of Communications

Media Relations/Outreach 

Kati Schmidt, Associate Director of Media Relations (West Coast)
Alison Zemanski Heis, Associate Director of Media Relations
Sam Chiron, Senior Media Relations Coordinator
Eric Bontrager, Senior Media Relations Manager
Shane Farnor, Online Advocacy Manager
Megan Cantrell, Social Media Manager

Digital Communications  

Todd Christopher, Senior Director, Online Communications
B. Stanton, Producer, Online Communications
Jennifer Errick, Managing Editor
Rona Marech, Editor-in-chief


Annie Riker, Associate Art Manager
Nicole Yin, Creative Projects Manager


Tracy LaMondue, Senior Vice President of Development
Elizabeth Ackley, Associate Director, Foundation Relations
Paul Balle, Regional Director of Development
Lynne Bierut
Associate Director, Trustees for the Parks
Daniel Blamer
, Senior Stewardship Coordinator
Roxanne Bradley, Regional Director of Development
Fernanda Brown, Senior Coordinator Gift Planning
Jennifer Cole
, Manager, Corporation & Foundation Relations
Michelle Davis, Senior Managing Director of Regional Development
Morgan Dodd
, Senior Director, Planned Giving
Kyle Leblanc, Director, Corporate Partnerships and Cause Marketing
Nina O'Connor, Development Operations Manager
Eric Olson, Director, Trustees for the Parks
Melinda Powell, Senior Development Coordinator
Benjamin Sander
, Travel Program Manager
Carrie Smith, Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships, Marketing and Licensing
Katie Stores
Stewardship & Prospect Research Coordinator
Kari Tobaygo
, Senior Manager for Prospect Research
Pamela Wilson, Director for Foundation Relations


Laura Connors, Deputy VP of Membership
Michael Whybrew, Director of Online Fundraising
Kenrick Jones, Senior Database Administrator
Bruce MarshallDirector, Member Services
Kristina Conway, Direct Marketing Manager
James Thomson, Senior Member Services Coordinator
Sonya Tynes-Shaw, Associate Director
Terry Vines, Director of Membership Operations,
Deborah Ward, Direct Marketing Manager
Donna DuBerry, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Human Resources

Karen Allen, Vice President, Human Resources
Carolyn Curry-Wheat, Director, Human Resources
Sasha Johnson, HR Generalist
Babette Perez, HR Representative


Tim Moyer, Chief Financial Officer
Ken Sondag, Controller
Archana Sahay
, Senior Accountant
Joyce Osborne, Accounts Receivable Accountant
Chanta Thompson, Accounting Specialist
Christine Garcia, Senior Accountant
Emily Brown, Assistant Controller
Khris Kantor, Office Manager
Shawn Watkins, Office Administrative Coordinator


Last Update: May 2015



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